Monday, April 11, 2011

God is on your side

This was a little devotion I read today. I know that we feel defeated and/or discouraged some days and I found this very helpful in putting things in perspective. The gentle reminder that God is ALWAYS there for us, so I wanted to share.

"The Lord will fight for you." Exodus 14:14

I read these words and draw in a deep breath. I need them right now. Don't we all? Oh, we may not go to war.
But we fight...
for relationships
for dreams

We battle...
against illness
against discouragement

I think of you staring at the screen, perhaps feeling your strength is small. Oh, yes, I know what that's like.
But victory isn't up to us.
And those words you sometimes hear?
"You're not worth fighting for."
They're a lie. Nothing more.
This is the truth from the heart of One who calls you His own:
You are loved.
You are worth fighting for.
You are even worth dying for.
So go into your day, strong friend, knowing that nothing can defeat you.
You've already won.