Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bekah' To Do List

My sister is getting married this coming weekend! Congratulations Liz! :-) Of course we are taking the family and driving up to Chicago so that we can be there. As un-stressed as I have seemed to be compared to the rest of my family, it is now becoming crunch time and I have a list a mile long of things to get done before Thursday.
So, for your viewing pleasure, here is my list:

Sunday - Laundry, clean house, work on 3 projects Ethan has due on Tuesday
Monday - Wal*Mart run (need to buy nylons for girls, socks for boys, undershirt for J, hair clips for Lexi's hair, and snacks for our pending road trip)
Tuesday - Drive to Hilton Head and get my hair colored and trimmed
Wednesday - Go into Savannah, pick up my bridesmaid dress
Thursday - Get everything packed, pick the kids up early from school, drive to Nashville and meet my sweet, sweet husband!
Friday - Drive the rest of the way to Chicago and hopefully make it in time for Rehearsal Dinner
Saturday - Do Lexi's hair, go get my hair done and be to church by 12 for pictures. I am a bridesmaid, Jason is a groomsmen, Nicholas is the ring bearer, and Lexi is the flower girl! Phew, that in and of itself is enough to exhaust one family right there!

Now, the fun part! Saturday after the wedding, my parents are taking the four kiddos and Jason and I got a room at a Bed and Breakfast in the little town of Dundee, IL. We'll have a queen size bed, our own private terrace, and a bathroom that has a hot tub for two! Oooh, la, la! I so can't wait! We are also going out for dinner Saturday night to a place called The Hideaway. It is in another small town in IL and is supposed to be an actual hideaway and speakeasy used by Al Capone. I ate there once as a small girl with my parents but know I never enjoyed it the way I will come Saturday (with my adult pallet and the company of my wonderful husband, it will be perfect)
Sunday Jason's mom is inviting some people over for a brunch/birthday party for Jason and Nicholas.
We might try to get out of town Sunday night but we'll see.
From there we have to re-trace our steps to Nashville, say goodbye to Jason and head back to Savannah!

Phew, I'm tired just writing all of this. Not to mention the rest of life going on among all of this. Stuff like school, gymnastics, small group, work for Jason, dinner, know life!

Wish me luck, and look forward to some awesome pics next week! My Lexi as a flower girl, Nicholas in a tux and most important, my sexy sexy husband in a tux too! Woot, woot!! :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't even have the energy

It was 7pm and I told Nicholas and Alexis it was time to come in for the night. We had eaten dinner, it had been a beautiful day but it was time for baths and getting ready for bed. I told them to come in and came back into the house to help Stephanie get the vacuum ready.

5 minutes later I went back outside to find Lexi standing in the middle of little shards of glass all over the driveway and Nicholas no where to be found. "What happened", I said? "Where is Nicholas?" "Don't move!" Of course my southern child was playing outside bare foot! Coming around the corner of the truck I heard the noise of what sounded like Rice Krispies in our morning cereal. There I looked and saw the back window of our truck with a hole in it and glass everywhere! I took Lexi inside, found Nicholas and asked what happened.

His story was this:
I was teaching Alexis how to throw and we were seeing who could throw further. She threw 2 rocks but they kept going sideways so I was showing her how to throw straight when the wind made my rock go sideways and it hit the window of your truck.
Yep, that was his his story and he was sticking to it.

It's almost Friday, Jason will be home tomorrow night, poor little Nicholas was shaking in his "boots", I am tired! I looked at him and said, "Nicholas, it's ok, at least you hit the truck and not your sister's head"

Some may call it lazy parenting but ya' all I am tired and I just don't have the energy for this tonight. It's a car window and it's replaceable.

Here's to a better Friday and an even better weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2008

They are getting so big!

This weekend I finally took the kids to Sears and got their pictures taken. When they were babies I used to be so good about taking them every couple months and then every year to get their pictures taken. I don 't know what happened, but I have stopped being so faithful. The current pictures on my wall have Stephie as 11, Ethan as 9, Nicholas 6, and Lexi 5! Shame on me! So, I thought it was about time I get some updated photos...even if Stephie and Ethans are about 2 months late! Here are the photo proofs, enjoy! :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've been putting off this blog.....

A lot of the time I look forward to blogging. I enjoy writing about my family and fun things we have done or how we are growing and changing. This blog, however, I have been putting off for about month now....

Everyone knows that my husband likes to move around, change jobs, keep things interesting and fun. Even though Greenville was a great location for his last job, Jason was not sure Greenville was where he really wanted to be. So, of course, he always keeps his eyes and ears open. Well, it just so happened, that his ears heard about a good opportunity back in Little Rock. We talked and prayed about it and finally decided it was worth it to at least look into the job. Long story short, Jason got the job offer and the job. Yay!

Today Jason left to go start working in Little Rock. It is so hard having him gone again. I don't know why I'm getting all depressed today, it's just like any other weekend....actually, if he was still in Greenville he woulnd't have left until tomorrow morning. Anyway, I am just sort of depressed and I guess I haven't wanted to post this blog because I didn't want to face the questions or the laughter.

I hated Little Rock, I mean really hated Little Rock. The MOPS group there was not what I was looking for at all. I was home schooling the kids and I hated that. Jason worked a lot of long hours which I hated. We were still close but far from Silom which was hard. It was supposed to be a city and Little Rock...well it just wasn't. The whole time we were in Little Rock, I begged Jason to find another job, anywhere but there. That is how we ended up in Savannah. Now we are in Savannah and the whole family loves it. I could live here the rest of my life and be totally content and happy.

But now Jason is back in Little Rock.....Not as far away as he was in Dallas but not near as close as he was in Greenville. Sigh! I guess you could just pray for us. I am excited for Jason and the job and what it is going to allow for our family financially but I am sad that he has to be so far away. Since Jason is a contractor and the housing market sucks we can't afford to move the whole family at this time. Not to mention, it is Stephie's 8th grade year, so we don't want to move her in the middle of her 8th grade year! We are trying to find a balance, trying to figure out when and if the family is going to move. It's just so hard! We probably make it harder on ourselves than it has to be. Right now we are hoping that by December Jason will have a feel for the area and the job there. If we need to move we will move in December, in between semesters. But for now December is a long ways away and I have to take life one day at a time!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning talk

This morning I went into the boys room, turned the light on and told them it was time to get up and ready for school. I then proceeded into the kitchen to make myself some coffee. While in the kitchen this is what I heard Nicholas say:

Nicholas: Mom? If you come turn our light off then we will get up and get dressed
Mom: Okay but you are going to have to wait a minute, I am in the middle of making my coffee
Nicholas: I was in the middle of trying to sleep!

Hehehe! Pretty cute for a 7 year old, no? :-)

Have a GREAT day!