Friday, April 3, 2009

Having a moment

I got a text today from one of Stephie’s friends today that said, “come get Steph and Meg now!” That was it. I had no idea who it was from and it was only 2:45 in the afternoon (they don’t get out until 3:30). Me being the totally rational person that I am started having a melt down in the video store. I mean you want to talk about adrenaline…I could have moved a freaking truck if I had to. I have never gotten at text like that and after that NY thing today, I was thinking guns, killing, my daughter is in trouble! I tried calling the number back but it just rang and rang. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. My legs were feeling weak, I was ready to start crying and shaking. I mean seriously. I finally called the school front office and every time it rang, I was like, PICK UP, PICK UP, PICK UP!!! Someone FINALLY answered. I asked if everything was okay and told her what had happened. She sort of laughed and said the kids were having free time and my daughter was probably bored! Yeah, I am the dorky freak mom! DUH!
Next my phone rang and it was one of Stephie’s friends saying that Steph was bored and wanted to come home. I told her Steph would have to wait and hung up the phone. I literally had to breath in and out to get my heart back to normal! Dang kids!

Then we had a movie and video picked out. We brought the case up instead of the game so the kids went and got the game. But, Nicholas still has the case and set it down on the candy thing. The girl behind the counter kept asking for it and was like, “don’t leave it there.” Lexi grabbed it to take it back but the girl came around the front of the counter looking for the damn case. I looked at her and said, we got it taken care of. She was like, “well I saw him set it down and I didn’t want it left there” HELLO! Do I look like a mom who doesn’t care, go back on your side of the counter and take care of ME, I will handle my kids. Then my neighbor called asking if I could get her son after school today. I’m trying to tell her that Steph has a ride already and so I hand the lady behind the counter my debit card since it has my name on it so she can look up my account. She then procedes to ask for an ID! What? I just gave you my debit card with my name on it, it matches the account there and you need an ID too?! I got mad and said forget it and just left! Ugh!