Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ever have one of those "shower moments"

We all know that as humans we are "creatures of habit". Everyday people get up and take the same route to work, stop at their same favorite coffee stop, order the same thing they ordered for the past year and do things exactly the same as we did before. I know life isn't the same day after day but for some reason we find comfort in routine and the "sameness" (not sure this is a word) of each day. All that said, I also have a routine for when I take a shower. You know how it is. Get the water ready, step in, first shampoo, then shave, then conditioner, while the conditioner sits, wash face and then body. Rinse conditioner, get out. Pretty simple, but I do it the same every single day.
So yesterday I was in the shower, the face wash bottle was empty finally so I grabbed the new bottle I had placed on the tub ledge. The new bottle was packaged differently so I stopped and looked at it for a bit. Decided to see if they had reduced the amount in the bottle (hate when they do that) and just did a quick comparison. I then washed my face and suddenly realized I couldn't remember if I had put conditioner in my hair or not.
Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this? I mean, if I had put conditioner in my hair I would have done like 2 minutes ago, how could I forget? I honestly had no idea though! It was like taking that 2 minute "reading break" had thrown off my groove and now I was lost! Ha-ha! I finally took a strand of hair and stuck it in the water to see if it turned silky smooth or was still needing conditioner. Of course I already had conditioner on my hair....I had just forgot! Duh! This does not seem like a good sign as I am only 30 "something" and will only be getting older and more forgetful! OYE!


Shan said...

Sorry to tell you as a wizened woman of 38, it just gets worse and more obvious. I don't even have the thought patterns to keep spelling peoples names right anymore(sorry 'bout that :} ).

I have TWICE forgotten to pick my 5 year old up from school on his once a month early out days even after multiple reminders because I am so short term challenged! It gets really embarrassing when others are involved and can even be dangerous when I can't remember if I've given myself my insulin or not. Triple Yikes! We just get so preoccupied it's alarming at times!

mkleck said...

uh.. well.... I have gotten out of the shower, numerous times, dried my self off and then realized I still had conditioner in my hair.. then I had to get back in, adjust the water and get wet all over again! ugh!