Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan

11 years ago a new person entered our world and I am lucky enough to be called his mom! For 11 years I have watched him grow and blossom into the boy I love today. At 11 he is still a boy and yet at times I see glimpses of the man he is becoming!
When we went back to Chicago I remembered that when Ethan was only 2 years old I had taken his picture at the Brookfield Zoo and it has become one of my favorites. So, while we were at the zoo this time, I decided to replicate the picture again, 9 years later. I thought I had remembered the pose correctly but I had him facing the wrong way. Oh well!
In honor of Ethan's birthday I wanted to share these pictures on here with all of you! Look at how my little man is growing!
Happy Birthday Ethan! I LOVE YOU!!


Melissa Flaming said...

I remember one of the first Sundays we came to Siloam Bible. I was prego with Jacob, and you and Jason walked in with Ethan in the baby carrier. Don't know why I remember so vividly, but it's been neat to watch him grow! Thanks for sharing, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ethan!

SassyKassie said...

I can't believe he is getting so big! Tell Stephanie I said hi!
~Kassie Crowder