Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Works!

Nicholas has been having a little bit of trouble adjusting to being back in Public School. The days are long, the work is hard and most importantly, he misses his mama! Yesterday he got in a little tiff with one of the other students and had to miss recess as punishment. He did not want to go to school today and was so sad about everything that had happened yesterday at school.
I told him that he would have a great day and that he needs to remember that even though mommy is not there with him, God is. I reminded him that he has Jesus in his heart so if he wants to, he can pray to Jesus right there at school, even with his eyes open. I honestly was not sure he was even listening to me until I picked him up from school this afternoon.

ME: Hey! How was your day?
Nicholas: It works!
Me: What works?
Nicholas: What you told me about this morning
Me: Which thing that I told you about this morning?
Nicholas: The praying to Jesus.....I prayed today that I would not cry in school today and that I would be a good boy all day long and it worked!
Me: Of course it worked, I am so proud of you!

Ahhhh, the prayers of a child! He is such a good kid and now I just need to remember, that even though mommy is not there with him all day long, Jesus is!


Mom Keena said...

What a great life lesson! Hope things continue to go well!