Monday, September 15, 2008

They are getting so big!

This weekend I finally took the kids to Sears and got their pictures taken. When they were babies I used to be so good about taking them every couple months and then every year to get their pictures taken. I don 't know what happened, but I have stopped being so faithful. The current pictures on my wall have Stephie as 11, Ethan as 9, Nicholas 6, and Lexi 5! Shame on me! So, I thought it was about time I get some updated photos...even if Stephie and Ethans are about 2 months late! Here are the photo proofs, enjoy! :-)


Becky said...

Great pics! I need to do my clan, too!

Melissa Flaming said...

You are inspiring me to get my kids' pics taken, too! Time goes by way too fast.
Great pics!

AfricaBleu said...

I agree; I can't remember when we last had a family portrait of any sort.

Your kids are so beautiful--Stephanie looks just like you!