Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My day with Lexi

Lexi brought home a note about a month ago asking for permission to go on their first field trip of the year. I was SO excited for her, ice cream, a farm, and then to a pumpkin patch. How much more perfect could it get!? I quickly sent in the $6 needed and permission to go. I attached a note and said that I would love to come along too. The teacher sent home a note the same day saying, "sorry but we no longer bring parents on field trip." No longer bring parents on field trips? What kind of stupid rule is that?! The notes between the teacher and I were daily, all though friendly, the teacher was not the one who made the policy but was left to enforce it. Finally I decided that Alexis would not go. Her teacher said she would keep the form and money in case we changed our mind, but my mind was made up. I was going to boycott the field trip and keep Lexi home that day.

So that Lexi would not feel punished I told her it would just be a day for her and I to do whatever she wanted. With four kids and a husband who works out of town, I thought it would really be a good chance for some alone time with just mom and Lex!

Well today was our day and I am SO GLAD I kept her home and we could be together.
First she took a long bubble bath, all by herself. No brothers barging in on her, no mom telling her to hurry up because others need shower too!
Next she watched a little TV where mom caught this picture of our big girl in one of her "baby moments" :-)
After mama was all ready, it was off to the nail salon. Alexis knew what she wanted and that was to go get her nails and toes done! She picked a bright purple color and all though we had talked about matching nails, I decided to go with a dark purple instead. :-)

Next it was out for lunch, here choice of course! She chose Taco Bell! That girl could eat Nacho's and cheese 24 hours a day! We loved it! Even gave $1 to help feed the hungry and got a Mariah Carrey download for free. Woohoo!

Even though you could get a form of dessert at Taco Bell, her next wish was Ice Cream at Dairy Queen. We just had a DQ open here in our town last weekend, so this was an extra special treat! :-)

After that mama's plans had to take a slight presidence and we went to buy groceries! No one would be happy without some food on the table later tonight! :-) Lexi actually enjoys grocery shopping and it was nice to have one child to keep me company instead of being there all by myself.

Finally we went to get into pick up line and pick up her brothers from school! I think she forgot how "fun" it is to sit in pick up can tell how thrilled she was with this process!

All in all it was a GREAT day! I enjoyed being able to focus all my energy on just Alexis for the day and not feel one bit guilty about it. Next week Nicholas's class is going on the same field trip and of course, no parents are aloud there either, so he is staying home with me. Not sure what we are going to do yet but I can guarantee it won't include the nail salon and will include Dairy Queen!


Sylvia said...

I totally agree -- what a very stupid rule! I'm so glad you protested -- you go girl!
Sounded like it was a great day for both of you.

The Milner Family said...

That doesn't surprise me! It infuriates me, but doesn't surprise me. It sounds like you had a great day and some much deserved girl time.

Shan said...

I'm sorry I'm not keeping up with the comments though I'm trying to keep up with the reading of the Granstroms anyway!

I just went to the pumpkin patch with my kindergartner. The funny thing there was, they wouldn't let him go without me! This was not the case with all the other parents but they were welcome. I'm glad you had such a fun day. You do such great mother/daughter stuff!

Mom Keena said...

You get big Mommy Points for this one! What a great idea! I'm sure it meant a lot to Lexi!