Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday nights are always pizza and a movie night. It is my night not to worry about cooking and the one night we eat in the living room watching TV. The other little treat that goes along with movie night is that we let the kids have some pop with their pizza.
Tonight when I told the kids to get ready for bed and brush their teeth Nicholas asked if he could quick finish his can of pop. He said there wasn't much left so I said ok. After he was done drinking his pop, he said, "Mom, listen to this" and then started shaking his belly all around. Much to my surprise I could really hear all the pop sloshing around in his belly. (I know that you can hear liquid in your belly when you drink a lot but I was surprised how loud it sounded)
So because I have a blog and haven't posted in a while, I decided to record it for all of you to hear too. Turn up your volume and listen closely. Sorry if the video is a little shakey, I was laughing the whole time I was recording!
Ahhhhh boys! Gotta love 'em!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another hole in her head.........

Still smiling at the end! :-)
Stephie got her second holes punched into her ears about a week ago. She used her own Christmas money and dad said she could do it.
After the trauma she doesn't remember when I took her to get them done for the first time at the age of two......a smile afterwords was a HUGE improvement! :-)
Now lets hope she doesn't do anything crazy like her mama and get her nose pierced next! Ha-ha!

Monday, January 19, 2009

And the winners are.......

After placing 5 names onto equal sized pieces of paper and tossing them into a hat. My birthday girl Alexis picked the three winning names for my give away. And the winners are.....
1) Sarah
2) Trish
3) Sylvia
I will be sending out your gift cards via mail sometime this week and will be looking forward to your posts and seeing how you choose to "Pay it Forward"!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pay It Forward

I recently won a pay-it-forward giveaway from a college friend of mine, Jen. Thanks so much friend! I got a Starbucks gift card, yummy! Since I won, I get to bless three of my readers with something order to pay it forward! :-)
Since a lot of you live far away, I thought I would offer up some gift cards that can be used just about anywhere! One of my favorite things to do when I get a moment is to sit and read. I love getting lost in a good book and just becoming part of that world for the short time I am there. So, I will give a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card to three people. All you need to do it leave me a comment by Monday, January 19th of what your favorite book is and agree to keep this going. You don't need to spend a lot of money to keep it going. It can be anything. Be creative if you want. Just agree to bless three of your readers!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My boy in the paper!

Here is a copy of an article Ethan wrote for his 5th grade Newspaper assignment! Yes, I am a proud mama! :-)

Jesus is my hero

By Ethan Granstrom

Who comes to mind when you think about heroes? Is it Spider-Man, Superman, The Hulk, or could it be Jesus? Do you know who Jesus is? Jesus can be a hero for many reasons. One reason he can be a hero is because he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Secondly, Jesus is the Savior of the whole world, and lastly because he is perfect.

An earthly hero never actually takes over the world. So, even though a hero never does take over the world, truthfully Jesus can. Pastor Bob Rogers of First Baptist Church of Rincon pointed out in Scripture where it tells us this very fact. In Revelation 19, the Bible tells us how Jesus is King of King and Lord of Lords. That means he rules over the universe and there is nothing that can rule over him.

Next, he is Savior of the world. This means he is the one who dies and then rose again three days after his death. When he dies on the cross all the sins of the world were forgiven. This means that if you believe that he died and rose again you will have eternal life with him in heaven. This is talking about in the Bible also in Colossians 1:15-20.

If being King of Kings and Lord of Lords and being Savior of the world is not enough to make someone your hero, how about a hero that is perfect? Jesus has never lied or done anything bad or wrong. He is perfect. Jesus has even been tempted with sin but has remained sinless. Pastor Rogers pointed out a verse in Hebrews 4:15 that shows how Jesus was tempted.

Even though Spider-Man can swing from building to building, Superman can fly, and The Hulk is super strong, can those heroes stand up to the "real hero"? Only Jesus can be everything a real hero needs to be.

Jesus can be your everything (Colossians 1:15-20).