Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lions and Tigers and.....LIZARDS?! Oh my!

Tuesday night was pretty un-eventful up until 9pm. The younger three had gone off to bed and Stephie and I were up chatting. Finally 9pm hit and I told her to go get into bed. I kissed her goodnight and sent her off to bed. It was only about 2 minutes later when I heard the scream! This was not a normal, my brother scared me scream, this was an all out fearful scream! Stephie ran to her bedroom door, turned the light on and was laughing/shaking/unsure....I went down the hall and asked her what was wrong. Her reply?
Steph: "There is a lizard in my bed!"
Doutbing mama said, "there is no lizard in your bed, what are you talking about?"
Steph: "I got into bed, felt something cold by my feet, went to move it, and it ran away!! Waaaa!"
Mama: "Okay, where is it now?"
Steph: "I think it is under my blankets"
Mama then VERY cautionsly pulls back the covers and gosh darn it....a little blue tailed skink goes running to the end of her bed! YIKES!
So now what?!
I like the little lizards that run around our yard. They are cute, green, blue tailed, and sometimes brick colored. They don't bother me and I actually enjoy watching them sometimes. I know they are more scared of me than I am of them so we live in harmony outside my house. But, in MY house a lizard is no longer cute, it is a pest that moves way to fast and I am the one scared of him!
My boys have never been ones to care much about the lizards and have never been interested in tormenting or catching these outside creatures. GREAT! So, my husband wasn't home, Steph and Lexi had QUICKLY migrated to my room and Ethan and Nicholas just wanted to see...but not touch! Now what?! I am not going to bed knowing there is a lizard in the house. So, I call the neighbor. :-)
Long story short....after emptying out from under Stephie's bed, and the whole floor of their closet, my neighbor got the little guy into a shoe box. She promptly placed the lid on top and we took him outside! After chasing him for what seemed like HOURS(probably more like 20min) we got him outside to run free and then the little thing didn't even scurry away! Oh sure, now he is tired!
What an adventure! I mean really, how did that thing get in there, and under her covers of all places? The fun thought is, how long had he been there. Hehehe! :-) But the best part of this to me is. When we lived in Little Rock a lizard got into our house one day and I found it in the girls room. My husband wasn't home, lizards were new to us and I had to get it out! What did I do that day? Called my trusty neighbor! On that day, we cleaned out from under the girls bed and their closet and finally caught and released that lizard too!
So to sum up....where ever I move next, if you are my prepared because obviously, one day there will be a lizard in my girls room, my husband won't be home, and I will need your help to come capture and release it! And to my trusty neighbors, Misty and Julie...YOU ROCK!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Nicholas made this in school and brought it home today:

Funny, smart, cool, fast
Son of Bekah and Jason
Lover of Alexis, house, candy
Who feels special, happy, important
Who needs sleep, tree, God
Who fears the planet Pluto, strangers, under my bed
Who wonders when God was born
Resident of Georgia