Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All About Mom by Alexis Granstrom

Mom's Favorite Food is: Lasagna
~Truthfully I HATE lasagna. I NEVER make it for my kids! She had it the other day at a friends house and found out that she loves it! Ha-ha! :-)

Mom's Favorite Color is: Brown
~I do wear a lot of brown! Good job Lexi

Mom's favorite place to eat: Paula Deen's
~ I guess that is what happens when you take every out of towner to Paula Deen's

Mom's favorite TV show: Paula Deen's

Mom's favorite thing to do is: Play on the computer
~Hmmmm, I wonder how she came up with this one. Ha-ha

If mom could go anywhere in the world it would be: Paula Deen's TV show
~That is cute! She just saw the episode where Jason and I were on her show. Must think we need to do it again! :-)

If mom could have any present she would want it to be: A new TV
~ I think she got me confused with daddy.

Lexi's favorite thing to do with mom is: Play with me!
~Yay! I love to play with my Lexi too! :-)



jasonandchrista said...

When were you on Paula Deen? I want to see the clip! :) How fun!

Bekah said...

Christa, we were on Paula's Party a long time ago, like back in 2006. It was her second episode called Paula's Favorites. We catch it every now and then on Food Network when they are doing re-runs. :-)

Melissa Flaming said...

What a sweet blog. :) Caleb wrote about our new home. First on the list..."My house has crunchy carpet."
Niiice, kid.

Shan said...

I want to see the show too! And there is a restaurant? The things I don't know about you and Paula Dean! I'm certainly not ready for the fb quiz. :)

You've got such sweet kids. I was just reading your entry about lunch boxes and I am right there with you. I don't think they are capable of sensible consecutive thought on some days. They still have good memory skills(unlike their mothers at this point) but can't be bothered with the details of everyday life. That's why we have a special day of celebration-for remembering notes, napkins and spoons.
Feel better Bekah!