Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just so you know....we are still alive!

Summer is here! We are fully enjoying the hot, muggy weather down here in Savannah! Some will complain and even though there are days I hate the sweat dripping from my brow I honestly would not have it any other way! I love the south, I love the heat, and I love being warm and sweaty versus bitter and cold! So, since I haven't had made much time to tend to my blog here is a short list of things we are enjoying so far this summer:
1) Swimming in the backyard Pool
2) Going to the beach
3) A trip to Little Rock
4) Grilling steaks with daddy at home
5) White little bottoms under sun kissed bathing suit tans!
6) Fresh Watermelon and Cherries
7) Corn on the cob
8) Friends sharing the bounty of their garden vegetables!
9) Ice Cream
10) Summer Reading programs at the library
11) Movies
12) Getting ready for out of town visitors
13) Have no routine or real need to care
14) Green hair from so much swimming
15) Cold beer on a hot Savannah evening!
It has been a great summer so far and sadly, I feel the summer slipping away already!


Kitty said...

Oh, the little white bottoms are SOOOO cute, aren't they?

Glad ya'll are alive and enjoying the Summer!!

Melissa Flaming said...

Other than the humidity, which can go to #%!@, I love your blog. heehee. I am lovin' the easiness of the schedule, too.
Have a great one!

Trish said...

Hey Bekah,
You asked about that sign on my blog. I saw it in another blog...I just thought it was so funny, so I put it on my blog. Of course, it would never apply to YOUR kids either!