Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

What a great weekend here in Savannah, GA! The kids had a short week at school and Jason was set to come home on Friday evening the 12th. Of course mother nature had other plans with snow and storms barreling across the country, Delta canceled 1100 flights on Friday night! With no hope of Jason getting home until Saturday at midnight I thought my Valentine weekend was ruined...but I was wrong now, wasn't I?

Friday night 8pm
All snuggled in to watch the Olympic opening ceremony and suddenly my daughters phone starts getting texts about snow in our area. We peak outside, only to see rain and figure these Southerners don't know what real snow is. After a few more texts and 15 more min, we peaked back outside and saw the magic outside. Snow in the Southern state of GA! I guess it happens about once every 20 years, and that is plenty for me! :-) (see below post)

Saturday 8am
Jason called to say that he was driving home to Savannah. All the snow was over and he wanted to be home! It was like sweet angels singing in my ear as I heard the good news!

Sunday - Valentines Day
Jason and I slept in and then got up to prepare our Julia Child Boeuf Bourguignon. Being an avid Food Network watcher and cook, I was honestly a little intimidated with Julia Child. I just look at her cookbook and find it so wordy and the recipes seem so long...I was nervous. No need to be nervous though, the recipe was easy, perfect, and tasted like heaven! It was so worth letting it cook all day long and smelling it for 3 long hours! The kids even enjoyed it, minus the onions and mushrooms BUT that just meant more for me! :-)

Monday - Presidents Day/No School
After sleeping in Jason and I decided to get up and make the kiddos pancakes for breakfast. We had been talking all weekend about taking the kids to see a movie so while he was cooking pancakes I started looking at movie times. We decided on a 12:10 movie and then realized it was already 10:40! With a mad dash to get 4 people showered and ready by 11:20 we quick ate some pancakes and headed out to the theater. Jason took the boys and Steph to see Percy Jackson and I took Lexi to see The Tooth Fairy. It was perfect. On the way home Jason stopped to surprise me and picked up some flowers for me, they were beautiful!

Meant back to life and reality. YUCK! Jason headed back to Little Rock and the kids headed back to school, I also headed back to the gym!

It was a GREAT relaxing weekend! I mean, it couldn't have been any better! I am so blessed! Oh and here are a few pictures from our Valentines day!