Monday, October 25, 2010

Being thankful days 3 and 4

I think I am learning that weekends are hard to remember posting and/or journaling. We had such a great weekend and were either really busy or really lazy so I never sat down to do my Thankful posts. So I am going to catch up here today...not sure if that follows the rules or not BUT this is my blog and therefore my rules!
I plan to do day 5 sometime tonight and then I'm not cramming 3 days all at once AND it gives me all day to take note of things I can be thankful for! :-)

1) Fall Festivals with easy kid games that my kids LOVE.
2) Neighbors that know how to change my propane tank and do it for me! :-)
3) Things that go bump in the night and then can laugh about in the morning.
4) Pumpkin patches and family memories.
5) The ease of staying connected with family that is far away via the internet!

1) 15 year old daughter who is super helpful around the house.
2) 13 year old son who has the greatest sense of humor and keeps me smiling. :-)
3) My freckle buddy! ;-)
4) Lexi Pexi forever being my baby!
5) I'm always thankful for Jason!! He is the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!