Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 15, half way there

This little task has been hard and I am finally half way there, give or take a few days of not blogging!! Being thankful, is not very hard but having time to write it all down has been hard, especially on the weekends! Oye! Oh well, I am enjoying this little thankful blog journey. It really does help put my life in perspective and show me all I have to be thankful for!!
Day 15, what I am thankful for:

1) Online shoe sale! $50 shoes for $12.95, woohoo!!
2) Teachers that are understanding and allow my child to re-do a project!!
3) Cab Franc Wine
4) Today being Wednesday, no school tomorrow, and Friday is right around the corner!!
5) E-mail, I love being able to keep up with friends near and far! Communication is never more than an e-mail away and I love that!!

Also, my little side note for today is about the Cab Franc wine I keep talking about. I would be remiss to let you think that I know all things about wine. I just talk big but really know very little. One of mine and Jason's favorite red wines is called a Cab Franc, I have not idea what kind of grape it is or what Cab Franc is but I know we like it!! :-) It is not a wine you can walk into the grocery store and just find (at least not in Georgia), so I buy my wine from a few select wineries and just thought I would share them with you.
The first place I buy wine from is from a winery in North Carolina. We found this winery after Jason had a long layover in the Charlotte airport and where they happen to have a little tasting room. He tried the Cab Franc and we have been in love ever since. The winery is called Shelton Vineyards and depending on where you live, you may be able to get their wine shipped to you too!! (there are a lot of weird laws with in the USA about what states can ship alcohol to which states) I hate the law because I can't get any wine from California shipped to me!! :-(

The second winery I like to buy wine from is out of Grapevine, TX. Grapevine is this quaint little town outside of Dallas that has this cute little downtown! On the main strip in Grapevine is literally like 4 -6 wineries, it is so cool! So, when Jason was working in Dallas we went and visited him and then drug all the kids to the wineries, it was so much fun! (the kids get grape juice samples and crackers so it's all good!) :-) One of our favorite wineries in Grapvine is called Su Vino and I just found out that they have made a Cab Franc. I haven't tried it yet and they are still in the process of making it available for order online but once they do, I am going to check it out. I have high hopes since I like a lot of their other wines.
So, if you want to check them out here are the website address's...and if you can't order from them because of where you live, just come visit me, I am guaranteed to have a bottle of Cab Franc from somewhere that we can open and enjoy together!

Shelton Vineyard

Su Vino Winery