Monday, May 2, 2011

18 school days until summer....

We are just coming off of Spring Break here and boy was it a good one! Jason took a week off of work and we just spent time being together.

Monday we went Bowling

Tuesday we had a pool day at home

Wednesday we spent in Savannah going to the mall, waiting to get an alignment which never happened and going out for lunch at the mall food court! Yummm Ethan had a friend spend the night so it was just a good relaxing day. One quick picture while waiting and reading at Barnes and Noble! :-)

Thursday...I can't remember what we did on Thursday. Hmmmm...I must work on my memory as I get older!! I think we had more friends over, more time in the pool and...oh yeah. J taught Ethan how to rotate tires and do an oil change. I love this about my hubby, taking the time to teach our son how to do these things. I could never teach him how to change the oil or rotate tires!! I love watching my E become a man and learn how to take care of things!! So, even though this wasn't an eventful day, it was some great time spent together as a family!!

Friday we went to the beach and ate lunch at CheeBurger, Cheeburger. Ethan ate a whole 1/2lb burger for time he wants to try and eat a full 1lb burger and get his picture put up on their wall!

Saturday we cleaned up the house, made pancakes for breakfast, and went to church. Then after church we went back up to Hilton Head and spent the night at a friends condo!!

Sunday we spent at the beach again and at the condo pool! Jason had to head back to work and the kids and I finished off the evening at Wild Wing and then home to unpack, do laundry, and get cleaned up and ready for the school week!!

What a perfect week! It was SO NICE! J and I even got out for a date one night, just the two of us. I always get so much peace when him and I go out, it feeds my soul! I love that he knows this and always makes time for me so we can do stuff like that!!

But now it is Monday, the 6am alarm came all too early and no one wanted to get moving!! Ugh! Alas, all the kids are at school and I must resume my roll as Mom and go grocery shopping, clean the house, chauffeur kids, and this afternoon do homework, make dinner, and get kids in bed!

BUT, summertime is only 18 short school days away. I think we can make it!! Spring break was our intro into all things summer! The beach, the bowling, the sun, the pool, grilling all our dinner food, family time together!! I LOVE IT ALL!!

So, I the Mom, am on the countdown. I can't wait for school to be out and summer to be here!! I love spending time with my family, I love the warmth outside and the sun on my body!! This is the stuff that feeds my soul!! I am so blessed!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a late Spring Break! I bet you are ready. We are too!!! Looks like a fabulous week!