Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to be happy about Grocery shopping

Every week I have to make a grocery list and go grocery shopping. With 6 people in the house, the food runs out pretty quickly, along with laundry detergent, dog food, toilet paper, and all those needed necessities.

Early in my marriage I learned to make a list of what we are going to eat for the week and then shop off of that list. I will be honest, making a list for the week does two things.
1) I always know what we are eating for dinner
2) I only have to go to the grocery store once and get everything I need in one trip
This is super good because I hate going to the grocery store!!

Why do I hate going to the grocery store? Hmmm, it's because it's the same thing, week after week after week. Even if I am cooking new things, it's the same store, same people who work there, same crappy cart that doesn't cooperate and some crabby toddler that screams the whole time I'm in the store and makes me cranky!! I have been known to pull out my iPod while grocery shopping just keep me happy and to keep from having to hear that obnoxious child!! I know I sound bitter but, I have had 4 kids, I don't go to the store with kids anymore, I have served my time with babies and toddlers and kids while grocery shopping SO, when I go grocery shopping I don't want to hear your kid screaming...especially if you are that parent who is letting the child throw a fit and then giving him what he wants. Grrrr!

Anyway, I have decided I need to post my reasons to be happy about grocery shopping, to help me see how blessed I am and not to complain!! So, here goes...

1) I have a grocery store that I can drive to and don't have to walk to a market like some people in other countries
2) All my food is in one place and I don't have to pick it, kill it, or package it. I find what I want, throw it into my cart and away I go
3) I have money to buy groceries which means I am blessed
4) I need new groceries every week because I have 4 healthy children and a healthy husband who stay strong and healthy with the food I buy them
5) I have 4 kids in school and don't have to bring anyone with me to the grocery store, this really is nice...although taking one kid with me is sort of fun and I enjoy the company. :-)

Ok, 5 reasons, I think that is good right? Very good!! Now on Monday I can look back on this and remind myself why I am happy about grocery shopping because I know I won't want to go do it...