Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

I know I say this every year but Halloween is really one of my favorite holidays. It's really sort of ironic since my Mom has always hated Halloween. I have grown up in the church and there are many mixed views on Halloween but since moving to Savannah, I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

Growing up I lived on a little dead end street with literally 16 houses. The neighborhood is surrounded by Highway on three sides and a very large cemetery on the other, that said, no one came down our street unless you lived there. Halloween was very minimal when I was growing up, we always made a haul though because everyone knew who would be trick or treating and made little goody bags for each child instead of rationing the candy and only giving one piece of candy to each child. Halloween in the North is miserable, I swear that it always rained or snowed and it was always SUPER COLD!! Blech!

Now, here in the South, it is just about always nice weather. This Halloween was our coldest in a while with lows in the 50's by the time trick or treaters were returning home. (YES, the 50's is COLD!!) Where we live now is a very big neighborhood with lots and lots of houses. We are on the edge of town where if you go much further there are no more neighborhoods, just land and houses. Because of this, the people that live out in the "country" drive up to our neighborhood, park and trick or treat. I bought 10 bags of candy and 224 glow bracelets. Once all was said and done, I had one piece of candy left over and had gone through around 216 glow bracelets!! Phew!! But it is so much fun!!

Jason takes the kids around the neighborhood while I sit at the end of our driveway with a table and chairs. My girlfriend comes over and helps me pass out candy, break open glow bracelets and we drink wine. For 2 hours we see kids from the area all dressed up and looking so cute. I get to harass the teenagers that try to get candy and aren't dressed up and I get to talk about the parents who bring their baby and act like the candy is for the baby (yeah right). Ha-ha!! :-) No, really, I am not that mean and I just have a good time!!

Here are some Halloween pictures in case you missed them on Facebook!! Happy Halloween...a couple days late.