Monday, October 15, 2007

I've got to start somewhere....

So many people seem to have blogs these days and I have to admit there are a few I enjoy reading daily. I'm not sure how into this whole blog thing I will get but I figured I would try my hand at keeping people updated. I mean, with 4 kids and 2 dogs, there is usually one interesting story to tell every day, right? I know you can post pictures on these too and once I figure out how to do that, I will post pictures too. It's hard having all our family in Chicago while the kids keep growing changing almost daily down here in Georgia, so I know the family will like pictures.
Today should be a fun day! The kids were on fall break last week, no school Wednesday through Friday. They had a lot of fun playing with friends and just not having to worry about school. This past Saturday was the Gulfstream family picnic. We always enjoy ourselves on that day. It is a HUGE picnic with a circus, magic show, rides, and games to play. It's like a personal carnival for Gulfstream employees, where everything is free! Free lunch, free funnel cakes, free cotton candy, free popcorn, and free snow cones. The kids play the games and win prizes, it is GREAT! This year was really nice, we ran into some friends while eating lunch and the adults got to sit and talk while the kids played games and won prizes. It is so nice having kids that are older and self sufficient. So now it is Monday and time to get back to home school....should be a fun day! I'm sure you can tell by this blog....mommy is jumping into the home school thing right away this morning! HAHA!