Monday, October 29, 2007

One day at a time!

Well the weekend has come and gone and now even Monday is almost over. Friday night, Jason took me out for our last date before he headed off to Texas. It was SO nice! I can't even remember the last time Jason and I got out on a date by ourselves. Of course we had to take Jason shopping for new clothes for the new job. That was fun! Then we went out for dinner at a place in Savannah called Jazz'd Tapas Bar. Tapas is a way of order more like 1 or 2 things off the menu and they are brought to you in "sample size" portions. It is great because you can try more than one thing at a time and not have to come back 50 times to try everything that looks good on the menu. It was something different and of course the company was GREAT!
Jason also had the chance to carve pumpkins with the kids on Friday afternoon, which is a family tradition so I'm glad he didn't miss out on that!
Saturday morning I tried to roast the pumpkin seeds but smoke started billowing out of my oven. Stephanie explained that something has spilled in the oven the night before so I quick pulled the seeds out and thought.....time to self clean the oven. For those of you who have never done the self clean on your warned. This self clean cycle takes a freaking 4.5 hours! 4.5 hours of HOT HOT oven and STINKY STINKY burning smell! It was a nice 65 degrees outside but still the front half of our house got HOT! It felt like it took all day long! Once done though, the oven is clean! Next time I feel the need to "self clean" the oven, I will think a lot harder and then leave the city for 4.5 hours! :-)
Jason started his job today and so far, so good, I guess. What can you say after one day of work....of course I haven't really talked to him much today since TX is an hour behind us and it seems he is already being sucked into long days. Oh well, he'll get it figured out. I am adjusting to being mom/dad and keeping the motto "one day at a time". Nights are when I get lonely though and miss him. During the day I am used to him being at work anyway, but around 5pm I start wishing he was going to come down the driveway and say he is home for day. No such luck! I will admit that we have started a countdown and it should only be about 22 days until he is home for a visit. Not too bad really, 22 days isn't that far away.
Here are some pictures of the kids with their pumpkins. We'll post more after Halloween with all the kids in costumes. It should be an adventure this year......Bekah, Zoe (our huge chocolate lab) and four kids going trick or treating! Woohoo! They better get some good candy for me to raid after all the effort. HaHa!


Melissa said...

Hey, Chickie, I just "self-cleaned" our oven last week, too, not ever having done this before...right before a piano student! Talk about embarrassing! The house was burning up,and it stunk! I had no idea that it took so long and was up to like, 1000 degrees!
But, like you, I now have a very clean oven. :)