Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why do I even bother

Incident #1
Yesterday Stephie had a Dentist appointment. I signed her out about an hour early and off we went. I remembered to get an excuse note from the Dr. (which I often forget to do) and gave it right to Stephanie. I told her to put it in her purse but she just placed it in her little "Dental goody bag". This morning I told her not to forget the note and then got everyone ready. On the way to school, I asked Stephanie if she had her excuse note from the Dr. and guess what she said? "No, I forgot it." I started to turn around when she freaked out and said, "Mom, just go I can turn it in tomorrow!" Well excuse me! If someone had actually put it in her purse when I told her to, we wouldn't even have to discuss this today!

Incident #2
Since I took the kids to the Dentist yesterday I decided to take us out for dinner. By the time we left it was already 5 and then to go home and make dinner....yeah no. So we went out and Ethan got his usual, half rack of ribs! He may only be 11 but do not come between that boy and his ribs. He wasn't able to eat them all last night so we brought them home. I told him I would put them in his lunch today. So, I got his lunch ready, included 2 napkins and then left him to actually put it in his lunch sack and get it ready. After the kids went to school, I came home to find his 2 napkins still laying on the counter. He is having ribs for lunch...why would he need those two napkins I left for him?!

Incident #3
Another lunch issue is the spoon. I give my kids the individual applesauce in their lunch as the fruit part of their healthy made at home lunch! I include a plastic spoon every single time so that they can eat it. A certain 11 year old of mine leaves than dang spoon on the counter every single time. Why does he think it is okay to slurp his applesauce out of the container every day or why does he want to? I have a bag of 100 spoons here at home.

So, no matter how hard I try to be a good mom. To give my kids the things they need. Try to make them responsible. You know all those things that a mom is supposed to do...they still do whatever they want anyway. So, why do I even bother?!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All About Mom by Alexis Granstrom

Mom's Favorite Food is: Lasagna
~Truthfully I HATE lasagna. I NEVER make it for my kids! She had it the other day at a friends house and found out that she loves it! Ha-ha! :-)

Mom's Favorite Color is: Brown
~I do wear a lot of brown! Good job Lexi

Mom's favorite place to eat: Paula Deen's
~ I guess that is what happens when you take every out of towner to Paula Deen's

Mom's favorite TV show: Paula Deen's

Mom's favorite thing to do is: Play on the computer
~Hmmmm, I wonder how she came up with this one. Ha-ha

If mom could go anywhere in the world it would be: Paula Deen's TV show
~That is cute! She just saw the episode where Jason and I were on her show. Must think we need to do it again! :-)

If mom could have any present she would want it to be: A new TV
~ I think she got me confused with daddy.

Lexi's favorite thing to do with mom is: Play with me!
~Yay! I love to play with my Lexi too! :-)