Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 26 of being Thankful

I got my happy back ya'all!! No, Jason isn't home...yet, but I am feeling content today (Thanks for the extra prayers Kitty!). I went grocery shopping yesterday, turned on the heat at home :-( , made a new recipe for dinner (which was super yummy), watched Survivor, and I guess I got a good nights sleep!
I also got my coffee going this morning, got kids to school on time, and turned on my seat heat warmer in the truck!
See, life is good! :-)

Today I am thankful for:
1) Heat seat warmers in my truck!!
2) Old Navy Fleece pullovers to keep me warm
3) A good nights sleep
4) New recipes (did I already say that yesterday?) Oh well!
5) Heat in my house that I can afford and that works to keep me warm!!

Do you get it yet? I don't like to be cold at all!! Our low this morning was 30 degrees when I took my kids to school! Our high is in the 50's but none the less, I had to dress the kids in layers this morning and make sure they had their winter jackets for school! I don't know how I would keep them warm if we actually lived where it was cold all the time! Ha-ha!! Check 'em out this morning before school, you would think it was frigid out there....well to us it is/was!! Actually 30 is cold no matter where you live!!
Have a good day all!! :-)