Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have nothing to write about

So now that my 30 day picture challenge is done and over with I have nothing to write about. I'm sure there is a lot I could say but none of it is very interesting.
We have had a bought of sickness/allergies going through our house so I guess that has kept things pretty low key around here.
Stephie made a list of 101 things about herself so I have started making a list for myself. It really is sort of fun to do and a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I will probably post my list here once I get it done but then I will probably be stuck with nothing to write about again.
Actually, we hope to get to the beach this weekend and that is always fun to write about when all my friends and family are back in Chicago freezing their butts off! Ha! Will have to write about that! :-)
Today the kids have a half day of school and between you and me, I HATE half days of school. I would rather they just went a full day instead of this half day stuff. We still have to get up early, put on school clothes and then by the time I can get myself together it's time to go pick them up...of course I might have more time to get more done if I didn't get sucked into my computer with facebook and blogging...
Guess I better get moving and get something done before it's 11:30. Hope you are all having a GREAT week!!


Anonymous said...

It was good to "chat" with you yesterday!