Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hi!  It has been an interesting and eventful Halloween this
year! I amexhausted and the kids are dieing to get into that
candy tomorrow. With Jason in TX it was just me and the kids
this year. Actually, some friends of ours came along to trick
or treat with their two kids too.except the wife got really
really sick so it was just me, the dad, and 6 kids! I was
going to take Zoë with us too but let me tell ya' that dog
is STRONG! Jason took her with last year but there was just
no way. She would have pulled me through the neighborhood
trick or treating,not the other way around! I was disappointed
that I couldn't get her to calm down but I made the decision to
just take the dog back home! Ethan wasn't going to go trick or
treating this year but changed his mind at the last minute. Thanks
to our great neighbors,finding him a costume was not a problem.
Don't ask me who he was supposed to be, but whatever he was, it
worked! Stephanie wanted to be an 80's rocker. I didn't have
the heart to tell her that these days, you don't have to go far
to be in 80's style. I mean come on, everywhere I look I see belt
on sweaters again, leggings with denim skirts, and the big hoop
earrings...everyone wears them! It was fun to do her hair though,
she was laughing so hard at what I did to her bangs. She kept saying,
"this looks so silly". I kept telling her, "your hair looks so HOT
for an 80's chic"! The things we did to our bangs back then!
Nicholas had a GREAT Darth Vader costume but his helmet was so
heavy and it kept fogging up in the humidity. Darth Vader did
not have such a good time trick or treating this year but that's
ok, he'll never remember being miserable, he'll just be devouring
candy and happy that he went.
Alexis was super simple as she has an endless supply of princess
dress up clothes. This year she went as Cinderella and it was perfect.
Her little friend Jasmine was a princess riding a pony and the two
of them together were just priceless! You can't go wrong when your 4
and 5 years old! They held hands the whole time and seemed to take
care of each other just fine!
We missed Jason.I am trick or treated out and the week is only half
over! Pray for me as we are still adjusting to Jason being away for
his new job! Sometimes I think it's a lot easier since the kids
are older and more independent and then there are times when I
think...I could NEVER be a single mom.hat's off to those of you
who do it, It's only been 4 days and I am tired already!
Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.


Suzanne said...

Hi there. I just had to stop in and peek over your fence of a blog. I'm friends with Melissa, Leanne and involved in Mothering Matters and people are always asking, "Do you know Bekah Granstrom?" I've heard so many great things about you, I feel like I should know you. Have a great weekend. My hubby is gone a hunting.