Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (a little bit late)

I know Thanksgiving was last week but I honestly haven't had time to sit down and write until today. Jason came home last week and it was AWESOME! Tuesday night I left the kids with his parents and went to pick him up from the airport. From there we headed downtown and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn right on Bay Street! The hotel has a pool and Jacuzzi on the roof of the 2nd floor. It was a perfect 68 degrees outside so the Jacuzzi tub was perfect. J and I were the only ones out there, us and the moon and stars! How romantic! After the Jacuzzi we did what any other married couple would have done after not seeing each other for weeks.......we climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep! Now that was romantic! :-)
Wednesday morning J and walked downtown a little and bought him a new pair of flip flops. If you never heard our whole free flip flop story from like over a year ago....ask me about it. Anyway, back in December of last year Jason and I each got a free pair of Reef flip flops. I love these flip flops so much they are all I wear! Jason's started falling apart so we had to go buy a pair our selves this time! Life long customers I tell ya! Give us a free pair and now we are hooked! After that we left downtown and went home.....yay!
Thanksgiving morning started 4 in the morning early! Yep, our alarms went off at 4am and the day was started. After J and I got ready it was time to wake up the kids. We went into their room, turned on the light and yelled, "Happy Thanksgiving"! Everyone started stirring a little and I said, "come on, it's 4:30 in the morning, let's get moving". All the kids stopped to look at the clock and said, "4:30 in the morning? Why are you waking us up at 4:30 in the morning?" I proceeded to hold up a Walt Disney World T-shirt and said, "because wouldn't you like to spend Thanksgiving here?"! Stephanie shot up and said "YAY! We're going there today?" The other three just looked at us like we were crazy! After explaining that our surprise was trip to Walt Disney World everyone got moving! It was an easy trip down there and we had a GREAT day!
The kids were so surprised and had no idea what had hit them. It was perfect! Nicholas was tall enough to ride all the rides and rode Space Mountain 3 times that day. Lexi was able to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad and says she enjoys roller coasters. We pushed Ethan to go on Space Mountain and he said, “Never again!” What a sport for at least trying it though! It was sort of crazy being there with our 4 kids plus his parents and then his brother and his wife with 2 kids. You would think that with 6 adults and 6 kids we could have kept a good eye on all of them……one would think. We managed to lose Ethan though and it was awful! I mean, I was about ready to have a nervous breakdown! We had just gotten off a ride and had all gotten in line for the next ride. We had been in line for like 3 minutes when all of a sudden, someone said, where is Ethan? We all look around and seriously the boy is no where to be found! Jason and I jumped out of line and both went searching. He couldn’t find him, I couldn’t find him. I went up to the line attendant and asked her if she had seen a little boy, 10 years old looking for his parents. She searched the line and then said we would have to call security. At this point, I was about to start crying and shaking right there! Just then, Jason came calling through the crowd yelling that he had found him! I ran to both Jason and Ethan and just hugged them both and cried my little heart out! I mean seriously, I was so full of emotion. The line attendant came and asked Ethan if he had ridden the ride yet and when Ethan said no the guy pulled us through all these people in line and put us right on the ride…..I mean you can’t have a family crying in Disney World right? He let us ride the ride twice and then we got back in line with everyone else and rode it one last time! Everything turned out ok but I have NEVER been so scared in my life! Thank God, what had happened is this. My sister in law and her 2 kids had stopped at a little toy booth after the one ride was done and Ethan was with them. Apparently she moved on with out looking to make sure everyone was still with her and we all just got into line. Poor Ethan was left there! Luckily he saw the girl who worked the little toy booth and told her that he was lost and needed to find his mom and dad. He was so upset and crying that he hugged her right away. She was still on the phone with security when Jason found him! All those stranger/danger, what to do if lost from mom and dad talks I guess paid off! I mean, if he had left that booth and tried to find us on his own……..I don’t even want to think about it! Needless to say, I don’t think Ethan let go of my hand the rest of the day! I’m sure it happens, my mom told me about how she lost my sister once, my mother in law talked about leaving a rest area without one of Jason’s sisters. I know it happens but I still felt like the worst parent in the world! That’s the bad part, the rest was GREAT, I mean the kids had a BLAST! We loved all of it and they can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of Walt Disney World!
So here's hoping your Thanksgiving was as Magical as ours and that you had many many things to be Thankful for! I for one am Thankful for my Husband, my family, and all the friends I know I have around the world! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Jarrod said...

Wow! That is so awesome that you got to do that! We have been wanting to take our kids for several years, so hopefully someday. I'm so glad you found Ethan and it wasn't a big deal. Great to hear what's happening with you all!