Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Traditions

A friend of mine asked me today what plans and/or Holiday traditions did my family have planned this year? After writing her back, I thought, what a great idea for a blog post! So here for your reading enjoyment is my family Christmas traditions:
1) Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas Jason and I spend one evening playing Christmas music, talking and making our annual Russian Teacake Cookies. No kids are involved in this cookie making session, just Jason and I spending quality time together...I LOVE IT!
2) So the kids don't get left out on the cookie making "thing" Christmas cut out sugar cookies will also be made someday before Christmas. This will involve flour all over each other, sprinkles all over the house until the New Year and an endless sugar high for the rest of the year! But it's GREAT!
3)Christmas Eve is always spent going to a Christmas Eve service and then coming home to watch The Polar Express. Cookies are left out for Santa and a note to wish him a Merry Christmas. Christmas morning brings eaten cookies from Santa and time to read the story of Baby Jesus out of the Bible!
4)Christmas morning involves the annual Christmas under the tree picture. With messy hair, pajamas and all the awaiting presents to be opened!
5) And sometime before Christmas we let the kiddos get in their pajamas, bring the blankets and hot cocoa in the truck and go looking at all the pretty Christmas lights in the neighborhood.
And that my friends are some of the Granstrom family Christmas traditions! What do you do with your family?