Thursday, March 6, 2008

The difference between boys and girls

Before I start tonights blog, I must give you a little history. Bedtime rituals at the Granstrom house are pretty much the same night after night.

All four kids are sent down the hall with bed time instructions. Get your jammies on, brush your teeth, and no playing in the bathroom. After about 15 minutes all 4 kids get these things accomplished so they come back to me to get a kiss, a hug, and finally that one last drink of water. After this they are all sent back down the hall to go get off to bed. Only after they are in bed and quiet will I then go down the hall, tuck them in, say their prayers and again get one last kiss and hug goodnight. Ok? Great! Now on with my blog.

Tonight I sent the kiddos to bed and waited for them to stop talking so I could come tuck them in. I waited and waited and be honest it was really only the boys I heard talking but none the less there was too much talking going on tonight! Suddenly Ethan comes walking down the hallway and says to me, "Mommy, Nicholas is crying." I asked him why and he said, "I don't know but I heard like a rubber band snap and now he is rubbing his eyes and crying." I go down the hall to see what is going on. Sure enough Nicholas is sitting up in bed crying. As Nicholas tells it, he was doing something and he can't remember what but now he needs 2 dollars and we need to go back to Disney World. Ok?! Come to find out, his doing of "something" was playing with one of those rubber type bracelets he bought at Disney World for $2. Somehow while doing that little "something" he broke the bracelet. He can't remember what he was doing but says he has done it before and it never broke! Right! There was also a pair of binoculars and their case on his bed because it makes perfect sense to have your binoculars in bed, at night, just in case you need to see something close up. So, I gave him a hug and kiss, told him that I would make sure he gets another bracelet next time we go to Disney World and tucked him in. I also told both the boys I had not been planning on coming to tuck them in since there had been so much talking. None the less, hugs, kisses to both and then good night. NO MORE TALKING!

Next I went into the girls room. Stephie was all covered up and asked if I could put one more blankie on top of her. I covered her up, gave her hugs and kisses and went over to Lexi. Lexi has the night light practically on her bed. The outlet is just above her mattress so really, the night light is on her bed. She had a little notebook open by the the light, a pencil and some money. She said, "I know I need to go to bed but I just can't figure out how much money I have. She said, "I know I have a nickel but then I can't remember the rest...Actually she had a Quarter and some dimes. Helping her count out her money, she wrote it all down in notebook and said, "I just wanted to write down how much money I have. So she pulls out her little coin purse from under her bed and puts all her money back, plus the Dora necklace, and black bead bracelet all into her purse. I asked her if Stephie had given her the cool new pencil and she simply said, "no, I'm just using it for a minute". Then she put everything next to her pillow and said goodnight.
The boy/girl difference may not be obvious but to me it was just funny. In the boys room bracelets were being stretched and broken causing tears and pain. In the girls room we had the bracelets being kept in a coin purse and carefully being taken care of. Maybe it's just Lexi and her oh so cute 6 year old charms but really, I had to laugh as I said good night and came to write my blog! :-)

Good night!


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