Thursday, March 13, 2008

School pick up line

Ok, this is going to sound really petty but I had to vent and what better way than via my online blog.
When I go to pick up Stephanie from school every day there is a pick up line. They have some guy stand out in the middle of the parking lot to tell all the cars where to go for pick up line. I always feel like it's an insult that he needs to stand out there all year long. Like we don't know the order by now! But today was a reminder of how much we really do need that guy out there.
It might be hard to explain how the pickup line works but I will try. The way they work it is, there is one line that starts in front of the school and goes straight back to the end of the parking lot. Once that line is full the rest of the cars are directed around the parking lot to meet at a T right in front of the school. This way all the cars can get into a line and no cars are out in the street blocking traffic. Simple right?
Well today the guy was not there to guide everyone back around the parking lot once that first line of cars was full so instead of everyone doing what they know they are supposed to do they just kept getting into that front line. I'm sorry but it really really bugged me! There were cars going into the parking lot like they were supposed too but then because the other cars were in that front line, the rest of us had to wait longer! It just really ticked me off that someone was in that much of hurry or thought that because the "guy" wasn't there they didn't have to "follow the rules".
No wonder our schools have so many kids in them that can't follow the rules, obviously their parents can't follow rules either!


Seanna said...

That's just human nature I guess! When the cat is out the mouse will play!

Melissa Flaming said...

I feel your pain, Bekah. I've come to the conclusion that most parents are just children in adult bodies!!! But, have a good day anyway! Miss you!

Sybil said...

Interesting to know.