Thursday, June 19, 2008


Life has been so crazy lately. Remember my post about being so busy this summer? Well it has come to fruition and we have been crazy busy. First Jason's mom and sisters family came to visit and stay with us for about 4 days. It was crazy having an extra 7 people in the house but we survived. After they left we got a visit from some friends of our from Florida. We had a GREAT time with all our company but it has just kept us busy.
Unfortunately, in the middle of all of this business Ethan broke out with the worst case of hives I have ever seen. The poor guy was miserable and I was just beside myself because nothing we were doing to help him was helping. We finally took him to an allergist who switched his medications and did some blood work to test for things that may have caused the outbreak. The nurse called me today and informed me that he has the following allergies and should avoid these things until our Doctor appointment next week:
Any kind of nut
Dog and Cat Dander
Fire ant bites
Oh and they are prescribing an epi pen just to be on the safe side because nut allergies can sometime be dangerous. YIKES! We have an appointment to go in next week and talk with the Doctor more to figure out what this all means and how it will affect our lives. I don't know what we are going to do though, this is the kid that lives off of Peanut Butter and Jelly along with eggs for breakfast and lunch. I guess the egg allergy is not that bad but I won't know more until next week. Just crazy ya'all, really crazy!
Hopefully we won't have to make any drastic changes since he has been eating, corn, eggs, and peanut butter for the past week and has yet to have another reaction. But I will keep you updated. I have never had to deal with food allergies before....not looking forward to this next "adventure"!


Seanna said...

It will work out! I took allergy shots for 16 years and i'm still allergic to nuts myself. I had a scratch test done at 7 and was allergic to 90% of what I was tested for. Usually as you get older your body will grow out of these so called allergies. I highly recommend the shots though. As a child I was always sick, until I began the shots and even now I hardly get sick! It'll work out! :) Hope he's doing better now though.

The Milner Family said...

James has out grown most of his allergies-allergies that caused him to go into anafalatic shock. One on the things that helped was rotation of the items that he was allergic too. That way his system was not over loaded. The other thing that helped was the drops that they put under the tongue instead of shots. You should research this method. It saved his life. He has been off the drops for about 16 years now.