Thursday, June 26, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Last week I spent the whole week with Jason and the younger three kids in Greenville. We came back on Saturday and spent the weekend as a family until Monday. Monday morning Jason went back to Greenville and Stephie headed off to camp. I have to admit, I was a bit depressed on Monday. After spending all week with Jason it hurt to have to say goodbye, and after being apart from Stephie for the week I wasn't ready to say goodbye again!
I decided it was time to treat myself! What better way to cheer up a depressed spirit than to go out and rent some chick flicks! Knowing Jason would not be around in the evenings and there is hardly a good thing on TV these days...I rented 3 new movies. The three movies were as follows: Definitely Maybe, P.S. I Love You, and Fools Gold.
Tuesday night I watched Definitely Maybe. The movie was okay. Nothing great, nothing really bad, just a movie and I guess escape from reality. Sort of disappointing but at least I didn't pay to see it in the theater.
Wednesday night I watched P.S. I Love You! Wow! I totally LOVED this movie! I cried and cried and laughed and just got wrapped up in this great love story! Not near as sad as The Notebook but still a great movie. If Jason will endure it I might just make him watch it once he gets home this weekend!
Thursday night will be Fools Gold but Jason will be home to watch that one with me, yay! I think there will be enough action in it and maybe a little love to keep us both entertained.
Anyway, I just wanted to let all you hopeless romantics (like me) know that P.S I Love You is a Great movie! Go out and rent it and then bring some Kleenex and be prepared to cry!
What is it about me that makes me love a movie that makes me cry? When I was younger my all time favorite movie (and still is to this day) was/is Dead Poets Society. I used to watch that movie and cry every single time. When those boys stood on their desks at the end and said, "Oh captain, my captain!" Ohhh, tears every time. My older sister used to torture me and sit with the remote on rewind just to hear them say, "Oh captain, my captain" and watch the tears continue! Inspirational! Ahhhh!
Now I sit at home all alone and watch the movies that make those tears come again. And what makes me like them so much? I think it must be therapeutic or something! I don't know! What I do know is that it felt good to be swept away, sucked into another time, another love story and cry for the hurts of other people! It made me wish so badly that my Jason was home and sitting on the couch with me to kiss away the tears once the movie was over! Ahhhh, love it is a beautiful thing! With all it's raw honesty, hurts, laughs, and comforts. It's what every girl dreams about from the time she is 4!
It was a great evening! Me, my glass of wine, and 2 hours worth of crying while I watched a movie! What more could a girl ask for? Besides knowing that my hubby is coming home in less than 24 hours! Yay!
But really, go rent that movie!
I loved it so much I had to blog about it! :-)


Mom Keena said...

Thanks for the recommendation...I'm going to need some down time in a couple weeks, after our move. Hey, when are you coming to Chicago?

Melissa Flaming said...

I'm going to rent this one pronto! I've heard it's a GREAT movie from people like GMA or the TODAY SHOW, but to know that a friend loved it just as much has convinced me! I've been in this "crying funk" for a few weeks now, so I think I should continue to cleanse the soul.
If I watch a tear-jerker, I need to be alone so I can blubber freely. THEN I'll watch it with Jarrod. Thanks for the recommendation. Oh, and hope you have a great weekend with your hubby. :)Being alone is hard sometimes.

Mom Keena said...

We pull out 7/9! Getting close! Getting excited! Getting tired....

mkleck said...

This movie is the best! watched it with a friend and we both cried through the entire movie! and a few laughs here and there to even it out. Definately worth the watch!!

Suzanne said...

Oooo....can't wait to go rent it now! I have 27 dresses that I would like to watch tonight. Have you seen it?

Shan said...

Hey Bekah! Oh I should have watched some chick flicks on my week away from hubby-rats I forgot.

I'm definitely (maybe j/k) going to watch P.S. I love you because I listened to it on tape and really liked it. I LOVE to watch these alone myself, sitting right up close to the t.v. and just crying away... or laughing. Sounds good to me! Sorry you are without your Jason so much. I know you miss him!

Seanna said...

Watched it last night! Great movie! You're right, up there with The Notebook, but not quite close. Preston did not enjoy the movie. He asked me why women want to sit around and cry over a movie. He said.''where's the fun in that?" haha, don;t tell him I told you though, but he cried also! haha