Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm back!

Oh dear friends, we have had such a good week! My parents were here and we took the kids to Disney World for 3 days. This was the first time we have attempted to take all 4 kids and do more than just one park and multiple days. The kids did great but I must say, you could tell they were tired on the 2nd and 3rd day as compared to the first.

My dad was able to go on some roller coasters and despite my own fears he did great! I was so worried about him and his heart. I don't care if the Dr. said he can go on roller coasters, he just had a heart attack! But he was fine! Nicholas got to go on Rock and Roller Coaster which goes upside down. (see above for picture). Check out this picture....Stephie was scared out of her mind, I was giggling like a little girl, Jason looks worried and Nicholas seems to just be enjoying the ride! How ingenious is Disney to take pictures of you while riding and then sell them to you! As if the park doesn't make enough money on you! Brilliant! :-)

After Disney, Jason went back to work and my parents and I just hung out around home. It sounds boring but really it was just so nice to relax, sleep in, and do nothing. My mom and the girls made some cookies one day, we went grocery shopping another day and my parents took me to Sam's (since I no longer have a membership). We never went into Savannah or to the beach but we still had a great time. To be honest, after 3 days at Disney, my parents were slightly worn out! :-)

After my parents left on Friday Jason got back home from Greenville and we just had the best weekend ever! Again we did a lot of nothing and it felt great! Jason did go out and buy a new weed eater and hedge trimmer. He had a lot of fun destroying the bushes in the front of our house. I must say, it does look so much better! Hedging was way over due and now we can rake all the old leaves and stuff out and put down some pine mulch. Everyone in the south uses Pine straw and I honestly just hate it! So I'm excited! Maybe I will post before and after pictures!

So now we have a down week with no company and I am so excited! We might go spend some time up in Greenville with Jason but Stephie isn't that excited about those prospects. Being 12 just doesn't mesh well with our traveling summer plans! :-( We have offered to let her bring a friend with though, so maybe we will get in her good graces once again! :-)

Hope you are all having a good week and a great start to summer! Thanks for checking in on me! :-)