Monday, November 17, 2008

2 days and my hubby!

Who knows what a difference 2 days can make? I do! I do!
My sweet husband is coming back home next Wednesday evening and I am SO excited. Usually he will leave on a Sunday evening and then not come back for two weeks on a Friday evening. Well, since next week is Thanksgivng he is coming back on Wednesday evening instead. It is only a 2 day difference from what he normally does but for some reason it seems like such a huge change. It made saying goodbye to him last night that much easier. It makes the next week seem so much closer! :-) Part of me thinks I am silly, it's only 2 days....


The Milner Family said...

Are you guys still considering a move? I would think that any amount of time would make a HUGE difference.

Happy Thanksgiving
The Milners