Friday, November 7, 2008

REALLY bad hair!

I have been putting off posting this blog....I don't know why. I told everyone I was going to post some pictures from my sisters wedding and she got married 1 month ago! We had a great time in Chicago and I am so glad we went! Nicholas and Alexis did a GREAT job as ring bearer and flower girl and I HAVE to get some pictures posted of that. But, before all the good stuff I have to tell you about my hair!
I was a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding. I have not lived in the Chicago area for over 15 years, I have no idea who to go to to get my hair done. My sister, the bride, was having friends do her hair. My other sister, also a bridesmaid, lives in Chicago and I couldn't drive all the way out to Chicago when the wedding was in the suburbs. My mom was getting her hair done the night before and her girl couldn't get me in on Saturday either. So, what was I left with? My grandmothers hair stylist could get me in! Finally!
I will admit that I was a little scared of the prospect that some lady that does "old lady" hair was going to do mine but my mom assured me that this lady was good and that it would be fine. Before I left for the wedding I went to my hair stylist in Hilton Head and said, what would you recommend I do with my hair. She gave me a very simple look and actually showed me how to do it so I felt like I could tell my grandmothers hair stylist what I wanted and get it done. No big deal.
Well I went into the salon on Saturday. I brought my grandmother with me so she could get her hair done too. I told the stylist what I wanted and she put me in a chair with hot rollers. I was honestly already thinking this was a bad sign but I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt. I looked through her magazines, trying to find a picture of what I wanted but found a lot of her books were very dated (bad sign number 2). I finally found something that was similar and explained to her how I wanted mine to be similar but then how I wanted it different. She set me in the chair to get to work. Bad sign number 3 came on like a big wave...all of a sudden this lady was going to town on my hair with the back combing process like there was no tomorrow. I kept telling myself to remain calm but the look on my 13 year old daughters face told me this was bad! I had to keep talking to my 13 year old daughter because honestly, I was going to cry. She got done and I just didn't even know what to say. This lady was SO super nice, and did me such a favor to even work me in on a Saturday morning, I couldn't be anything but gracious! My grandmother was gushing to me about how good it looked and all the while, I was smiling and laughing just so I wouldn't cry. It was TERRIBLE!
I got to my mom's house and the first thing she said was, "oh Bekah, your hair looks so good"! I shot her "the look" and said, "I am going to take a shower, wash my hair, and Stephie is going to have to help me get my hair done!" "Oh, and don't tell me I look nice, I look like something out of the movie Steel Magnolias"! It took Stephie and I like 20 minutes to do my hair and once it was done, it was just what I wanted. I didn't get as many curls as I wanted but Jason said I looked HOT and that's all that mattered!
So, for your viewing pleasure, here are my before and after pictures. Oh and one of Julia Roberts from the movie Steel Magnolias...I wasn't kidding, I knew I looked like something straight out of the 80's and that was not good!

Above: Julia Roberts

Nxt 2: After hair salon

Below: After I fixed my
own hair! :-)

I took these photos
with my cell phone.

I was not smiling because
I was NOT happy!

Okay, and now the finished product!
See, it all turned out just fine! :-)


Becky said...

What was so bad about the first way your hair was done??!! Whoa! It looked so much better when Stephie did it. Wow!

Shan said...

I hope it's OK now to laugh hysterically because I felt bad about my giggling when you were talking about being on the verge of tears! This was an awesome wedding tale young lady. And, even though I knew it would happen the second you started taking Grandma's hair advice (oh ho, classic foreshadowing there), I was still imagining the final product would be better than what you got. YOU POOR DEAR!! I wouldn't have known you from the first photo!! Your hair DID look great at the wedding though so all's well that ends well eh? It made for some awesome blog fodder anyway. :D

Bekah said...

Becky - I should have known my IN 13 year old could have handled it! :-)

Shan - Don't feel bad for laughing at all. It is pretty! :)

April Fletcher said...

I so enjoyed this post! It was the first one I have read on your blog! How are you? I found you thru Becky W. blog. So glad to see the kids! Miss you guys!