Monday, November 24, 2008


What am I thankful for this year? So many things!

1) God and my freedom to worship Him!
2)My wonderful Hubby (who gets to be home for 5 days in a row)!
3) Four beautiful and healthy kiddos!
4) My parents and a daddy who made it through a heart attack this year!
5) My life and my health. Every day is a blessing!
6) My two sisters who call or e-mail every single day!
7) My friends and neighbors, without them I would be a nut case for sure!
8) My husbands job, food on the table, shelter above our heads, and money in the bank!
9) The south, with the beaches and warm weather!
10) Everything else that just makes life worth living!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have a GREAT week!


Mom Keena said...

What a great list, Bekah! You are wonderfully blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!