Saturday, February 14, 2009

One spoiled lady

So Jason is home for the weekend and he is making sure to spoil me! After being together for over 14 years, who really wants to go out on Valentines and fight the crowds of people trying to go out for Valentines dinner too? NOT ME!
So, last night as Jason was waiting for his flight in Charleston he walked by a wine store and decided to bring me home 3 bottles of wine! YUMMY! (score number 1 for hubby)
Then today on Valentines day, while I took Lexi to gymnastics, Jason ran to the store and brought me home a basket full of flowers (score number 2 for hubby)
Then tonight, since we are not going out, we are doing fondue at home, his idea. The reason he thought to do fondue is because our very first Valentines together I had him over to my parents house and made him fondue in the living room. Awwww, what a great guy huh? (score number 3 for hubby)
So, here's hoping your Valentines is as great as my hubby made mine! I am one spoiled lady!
And oh yeah.....all these things will make sure Jason is one spoiled man in return! (score number 4 for hubby) :-)


Sarah R said...

You go Jason! I am sure both of you had a good weekend! :)

Seanna said...

Score for you both! :)

Love the roses!

Shan said...

Wow! Jason scored 4 times?! Hee hee

I'm so glad he got to come home and spend a whole weekend with you! I can't believe you have been married that long. That is a score in itself for such youngsters!

I like wine and I was REALLY hoping the sake I tried at the restaurant was going to taste like it (since it is wine made from rice). That was a NO GO! I was glad the glass was tiny after all. ;p

Those vege items you mentioned to me earlier sound really good. I kept looking really close at my suchi because any hint of seafood makes me cry. haha