Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Productive...but now I'm tired

Here is what this stay at home got done today:
Woke up got shower
Woke kids up, got them fed dressed and out the door to school
Went to the Post Office
Made spaghetti sauce for dinner Saturday
Made Meatballs for dinner on Saturday
Found Ad Valorum tax stuff online
Finished taxes and filed! Yippee!
Ran out to middle school to take middle schooler forgotten lunch
Ate leftover steak and potatoes for lunch. Yummy!
Cleaned up boys room
Did one load of laundry
Cleaned up girls room
Took out the trash
Picked up kids from school
Did homework with them, listened to their reading and got them into play clothes.
Tonight I still have to:
Pick up middle schooler from school
Bring home middle schooler and pick up 2 kids to go to gymnastics
Pray that older 2 get vacuuming and mopping done while I'm at gymnastics
Come home and feed everyone dinner
Get them into pajamas
Tuck them into bed
Get dishes into dish washer clean up for the day
Put self into bed and sleep!
What a productive day but man I am feeling tired! :-)


April Fletcher said...

I can so relate...time for a spa day!

Sarah R said...

It sounds like you neat to find something to do with all that spare time! :)

jasonandchrista said...

Wow, you are productive! I'm a stay at home too, but my list is much smaller. But my kids are much smaller too. I don't think Bailey could mop yet... or could she?