Monday, February 9, 2009

Teenage Daughter

I love having a teenager in the house, I really do. With Jason out of town a lot, she can be a great source of conversation. I can actually talk to her about things other than cartoons.

In fact, this weekend as Stephanie was doing chores, Jason said to her:
Jason: Keep up the good work Stephanie, this just ups your stock in the family
Stephanie: Okay, as long as I don't have a Black Tuesday any time soon.
Hahaha! That was a quick little remark on her part. I don't think I even would have said that one! She admitted that she had just learned about stocks but still, shows her growing up and understanding more than the little kid stuff.

All that said, there is one thing I do not like about having a teenager in the house, it's called shopping! I remember the day when if Stephanie needed a dress, I could go into the store, pick out the cutest little pink dress I could find. Put it on her and ta-da, cute as a button and EASY PEASY! Just look! Cute little girl, cute little pink dress, looks adorable, EASY!

Fast forward 9 years and dress shopping just got a lot more complicated. Stepanie is going to be in a play in 2 weeks, she needs a dress for the play PLUS her spring concert is coming up so she needs a dress for that. I have already seen swim suits everywhere so I figure it won't be hard to find a Spring/Easter dress. Yeah, well I thought wrong! First of all we have to follow school dress code which says no sleevless or spaghetti straps. Then we have to make sure it is Spring dress which means no black, brown, or red. Then add to the fact that Stephanie hates all florals, most prints, and just about anything that isn't a plane color. Can you see what I'm up against?! We just knocked out 99% of the dresses in any store! Oh my word!

Dress shopping yesterday was not fun! We found one dress, it was like a limey forest green color. Looked very cute on her but it was a spaghetti strap. Thought we would do some looking and see if we could find a little shrug to wear with it. Simple right? Wrong! Oh we found some shrugs but they were $25 or MORE! The dress was $99 and if you add the shrug.....are you kidding me? I love my daughter but $130 for a dress she will probably wear twice! NO!

I finally ordered a dress online and if that one doesn't work....I'm ready to tell the school that if they want a dress with sleaves and in a spring color by tomorrow...they can take Stephanie shopping because I am done! Grrrr! When did shopping get to be so difficult? I have obviously fallen off the fashion wagon because anything I like, she doesn't. Or the comment is, "that would be fine for you mom but not for me." Thanks! I try to tell her that I was just her age a short 19 years ago and that a lot of her friends moms are more like 30 years from remembering being 13 and that she is lucky......ok, who am I kidding....I'm still old and 13 was a long time ago and even when I was 13, my mom knew nothing about fashion. I guess this is one time I am inclined to believe in Kharma! What goes around comes around, huh? Sorry mom!

When and IF we find a dress, I will be sure to post a lovely photo here, until then...say a prayer for me and if you happen to be going out shopping with your teenage daughter anytime soon....I'm sorry!


Melissa Flaming said...

Icheemamma! All I can say is...NOOOO! Anna Mary is turning 10 next week, and it's already happening. My prayers go out to you, Bekah. May the PERFECT DRESS fall from the sky and into your hands. :)

The Milner Family said...

I just love this stage! Kayla informed me that she is the oldest in her Sunday school class and that I am the youngest mom of all her friends. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not. I guess I'll take it for now. I feel your pain in the clothing dept. If we finally do agree upon something the price is outrageous.

Good luck!

Seanna said...

Well, hopefully by now the dress is working out. If not...that's why God gave us wine right? ;-)