Monday, November 2, 2009


Every Sunday night or Monday morning I sit down and ponder what I am going to make for dinner this week. I always make a list and I always write it out according to the days. What that means is, I write out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, ect...and then put a meal under it with all sides. I once thought I could keep these little papers and reuse them another time but when I started doing that I found that it never worked out because I wasn't in the mood for the same things come another particular week. So, I just make new ones every week and I am fine with that. Here is what I am planning for this week:
Monday: Sloppy Joes and Fruit Cocktail
Tuesday: BBQ chicken, baked beans, and Peas
Wednesday: Hamburgers in Puff Pastry, Salad, and Jello
Thursday: Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Carrotts
Saturday: Chicken Marsala, Wild Rice, and some sort of squash (to be determined in the produce aisle)
Sunday: Shish-Kabobs with meat, veggies and then served with Saffron Rice
Should be a good dinner week and the only meal I think the kids will complain about is my Salisbury steak but that's only because the little ones don't like mushrooms. They can just pick them off and I'm sure they will be happy!
What are you making this week?


Trish said...

I just bought a 1/2 a cow! We split it with the Cooks... 275 pounds!! I had no idea how much meat that was. We had a 6 lb. roast for Sunday lunch yesterday and are having a dinner of toasted roast beef sandwiches tonight... and I may still have some left over. I've made my plan for the rest of the week and what our schedule looks like. Now that marching season is finally over, things will be a little more relaxed. Chicken marsalla sounds yummy...I may have to put that on the plan for next week. I'm sure I could find some red wine somewhere!!

Trish said...

And that's 275 lbs. for EACH of us!!

Joyful said...

I'm so glad you posted that--this last week I decided I'm tired of all my recipes and need more ideas. I was considering asking everyone to post their favorite recipes. We're having Grilled Salmon, Pot Roast, Killer Shrimp (a knockoff of the restaurant), Sesame Chicken, Tortellini, and BLTs. I normally plan a week at a time, but this month I'm planning the whole month in advance to see if it saves time/money. We'll see how it goes!

Keep posting ideas! And send me any good ones you find. :-)

Bekah said...

Trish, that sounds wonderful! My sister in law gets half a cow like that. Enjoy being stocked for a while!

Joy, can you send me your Sesame Chicken recipe!

Kitty said...

I wish you'd post your menu every week! I seem to make the same things over and over again!!!

Sarah said...

I still use your sloppy joe recipe! :) My boys love it!

Shan said...

Umm...those hamburger things sound yum!

Mealtime has always been a challenge for me. I rarely manage to think ahead about anything and it shows especially in the dinner category.

I've noticed you are always making well thought out tasty dishes and I envy that.

I shoot from the hip and always end up making things without recipes so it can be fine but usually simple and blah blah.

I need to pay more attention to you girls and learn that planning makes things easier in the long run!

AfricaBleu said...

I'm with Shan--I envy those of you who plan your weeks so carefully. I say I hate to cook, but I think it's just that I hate to cook when there's no ingredients in the house--planning would help that, I suppose . . . :)

My parents bought a cow from my grandpa a couple of years ago when they sold their farm and they LOVE all the beef. They're talking about buying a live one AND a pig and putting it on their acres, so they can have some more fresh beef and pork. I refuse to meet the poor hooved creatures--I would never be able to eat at their house.