Friday, November 13, 2009

Had a bad week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where EVERYTHING goes wrong? Yes I said, week and yes I mean EVERYTHING! Let me take you back a bit....

Last Thursday November 5th
Before I begin this story I need to give a little background. Alexis is our youngest, she is 7 years old and full of energy! Last year she took gymnastics and LOVED it. She was asked to be part of their team that competes but we opted not to do it because I did not want to commit to gymnastics over the summer time. I promised that we would start recreational gymnastics just as soon as school started and we were more into routine again. So school started in August and last Thursday, November 5th was Lexi's first day back to gymnastics. So I was a little off with the dates but, none the less, she was going back!
So, Thursday afternoon Lexi comes home, puts on her leotard and starts checking the clock. 3 hours to gymnastics. Go eat a snack and play outside, 2 and a half hours until gymnastics. Run around a bit, 2 hours 20min until gymnastics. I mean literally this girl was soooo excited. So, the time finally came and we were ready to go. Lexi and I, along with Ethan hop into the car and start off. Literally 2min away from the gym and our Suburban dies. I mean dead, dead, not going anywhere for a while. Could not get it started so I called a friend to come get us and take us back home. Lexi walks in the door at home, runs to Stephanie and starts bawling! Poor baby, I could have cared less about the stupid truck, Lexi was sooo disappointed. All that build up and then she had to miss gymnastics! Bummer!

Friday November 6
Got all the kids to school via some sweet sweet friends of mine and resigned to staying in for the day. What else is a mom to do but get some laundry done. Got one load done and into the drier, throw in the next load. After the first load was done and dry I emptied it out onto the floor and transferred the wet clothes into the drier. I then sat down to begin sorting and folding the clean clothes. I get to the bottom of the pile of the dry clothes and two of the tops are wet. Hmmm, that is odd, I thought to myself, but maybe I just dropped something as I was transferring the wet clothes into the drier. Throw those clothes into the drier and start to work on socks. All of a sudden my pants start feeling wet, this is when I thought, "what on earth is going on in here". Then I looked behind me and noticed the pool of water coming from underneath my washer machine! GREAT! Quick call to the hubby and all water is shut off to the washer. Have to call my sweet friend and ask if I can finish my laundry at her house!

Midnight November 6/7
Pickup Jason at the airport! Poor guy has to fix the truck and the washer machine over the weekend but he can do it! ;-)

Saturday November 7
Get up and fix breakfast then do the dishes. Go under the kitchen sink to get some detergent and low and behold the pipes are leaking under the sink! For crying out loud! I was starting to freak out at this point.
Next Stephanie goes outside to feed the dogs and our Black dog is not moving. She is breathing but stiff as a board! GREAT, not the dog is dieing too!

~ Now, to make a long story short let me sum up some of these disasters for you.

1)Kitchen sink just had a pipe that needed to be tightened, Jason got that done EASY

2)The weather got warm and the black dog started moving again. We have diagnosed our own dog and think she is getting old and might have arthritis. We now give the dog Glucosamine pills every day and so far she is doing better.

3) There was broken hose on the back of the washer so Jason and Ethan ran to Lowe's and got new hoses. Ran a load of laundry, all looked fixed. Then, one load later we notice water again! OYE! Jason looks into repairing it but knowing that he still has a truck to fix too. Decides we need to go Washer Machine shopping.

4) Jason spends all day and night on the Green Suburban. Decides to change his ticket to Tuesday and spend more day trying to get the truck back together. Can't get the truck figured out in time but decides the kids and I can make it with the Blue Mercedes for the week and he will come back home the next weekend to get the truck fixed!

So, now we are to Tuesday morning November 10
Jason and I get up at 4 in the morning to take him to the airport. We are both tired but get up and head out. Half way to the airport I realize that I forgot to grab my purse. Dang it, no license on me. What can we do now, oh well. Get to the airport and go to the back of the car to hug and kiss goodbye. Just as we meet at the back of the car Jason notices that the tail lights are not working on the Mercedes at all. Jason kicks the tail lights, still nothing! Poor guy is so freaking frustrated at this point. Tells me to try the brakes, those lights work but still no tail lights. I assure Jason I can get back home, we will be fine but now he is just upset! He tells me to wait in the car and goes into the airport. He cancels his flight and tells me he is driving me home! Hubby can't go back to AR and work leaving me and 4 kids with no reliable vehicle!

Tuesday November 10, Afternoon
Decided to go car shopping. Did not find much in our little town so Jason comes back home to work on the truck. While he is working on the truck he tells me to start searching for new vehicles online. I find a GREAT deal on a Suburban at a dealership about 45min away. Decide that we need to go look at it and get things taken car of so we can make the drive. Long story short...we bought a new Suburban! Jason changes his flight AGAIN and decides not to head back until Thursday the 12.

Tuesday evening
Fun times begin again! Kids LOVE the new truck and all the new little bells and whistles that the old 1999 Suburban just didn't have.
Do a few loads in the new washer that also has a "glass" top and the kids are sooo entertained I'm thinking about canceling the cable!

Took the kids to school and spent a day at home with the hubby, not worrying about anything. New Washer, New Vehicle, a dog that is mending, and a sink that has no leaks! Life is back to least until Thursday morning when I had to take my baby back to the airport! At least my baby doesn't have to worry about us now! Oh and guess what?
Lexi made it to gymnastics on Thursday the 12th and she absolutely LOVED IT! :-)


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, girl! I am so sorry to hear about your week! But praise God, it all came out in the end. Wheww!