Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Alexis

Alexis 1 day old

Alexis now, dancing with her Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my youngest baby Alexis! I can't believe she is 8 years old today! My baby is getting so big and since she is our youngest I will always think of her as my baby! Daddy's little Princess and my brown eyed girl!
Alexis was my fourth baby and was supposed to be an easy labor! Her older brother is only 15 months older than her and had been as quick labor of 4 hours. He came so fast I had no time for pain medication! The Dr and everyone else told me that my Fourth baby was going to be a SUPER FAST labor and that I had better get to the hospital as soon I was in labor....some how labor never goes as planned!
With my 4th pregnancy my water broke and labor started slowly. I walked around at home for a while and didn't go into the hospital until I was sure my water was leaking and I was in labor. Once at the hospital they confirmed that my water was broken and that I was in labor. I told them about my previous labor going fast and that the Dr. was to be put on red alert. I think I was about at a 5 or 6 when I went into the hospital. They called the Dr. to come in and when he got there I was only an 8. I labored and labored at that 8cm and swore to God that I was going to be stuck at an 8 for the rest of my life. I even had one of those moments where I broke down and started crying and telling them that I couldn't do it! After being at the hospital for 8 hours little Alexis finally made her debut into the world. 4 hours of labor at home, 8 hours of labor at the hospital, so much for a quick delivery!
I have heard it said that your labor can mimic the personality of the child. Nicholas was a quick 4 hour labor and he is my go getter. That child wakes up in the morning and is ready to go. No time to dilly dally, the day is a wastin'! Lexi on the other hand is very patient and laid back. She can sleep in until noon if I let her and is very content to sit and snuggle with Mama on the couch! No need to rush around with Alexis, things will get done but there is no hurry. She is the youngest of 4 children with 2 older brothers. She is totally girly and likes her hair just so, but has also learned how to be tough and keep up with her older brothers! She likes to get manicures with mommy but doesn't mind digging in dirt! She LOVES LOVES LOVES our two dogs and is generally good with all animals! She has a heart of gold and makes her Mama and Daddy so proud! God knew what He was doing when he blessed me with that little girl and placed her in my life 8 years ago today! What an honor to be her Mama!

Side note: When it is one of our childs Birthdays they get to pick what they want for their Birthday dinner. Lexi's request this year. Roast Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Jell-O salad and French Fries! Ha-ha! No mashed potatoes for this girl, she likes French Fries! What can a Mama do but serve French Fries and Roast Turkey! :-)


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize her and Samuel had the same birthday! Happy Birthday! Loved the pics!