Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 more days until Spring Break

2 more days of school! Woohoo! I am so tired this week that it literally took everything in me, just to get up and out of bed today! Thankfully, I am going to go get my hair done today so I had a little help in the motivation department.

What else are we going to do with the kiddos over spring break next week? So far, I have shared the beach and a movie day with you. Next on the list of things to do is, visit Columbia, SC and go to a place to eat made famous by Guy Fieri. We were watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives one night when he visited a place in Columbia, SC. It's always fun when they do reviews of areas that are close by. Stephanie fell in love with this place and said that we have to go there someday. Well, what better day than over Spring Break? This is the place we are going to go check out! I'm sure it will be GREAT!

While we are up there we are going to check out the Columbia Zoo! Yay! It will be a fun day for sure!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! That's what we are doing...having a week of break and fun things around here. I just haven't make my plans yet!