Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 days and counting

Three more days of school and then Spring Break is HERE! I am soooo excited, just in case you haven't picked up on that from my previous posts! Hehehe! :-)

Besides going to the beach over Spring Break we are also thinking of taking the kids to see a movie. We are torn between going to see "How To Tame Your Dragon" OR "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid". We will probably decide the morning before we leave to go to the movies. I haven't checked out either movie yet but will do that before we go. I like to use the site Plugged In Online from Focus On The Family. It is a very conservative site, even for someone like me, but it gives you everything that is even questionable and I like that! So, here's to the movies! Every time I think about the movies it reminds me of Annie and that scene....well here, check this out! :-)