Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My heart is heavy

It has been a tough week here in Effingham County! This past weekend, there was a tragic accident that took the lives of 2 young 17 year old kids! Kids that were looking forward to their Senior year of High School. Kids that got into a car and didn't buckle their seat belts. Kids that probably thought they weren't going far or that not having a seat belt on was going to be okay. Kids, that didn't have to die!
I didn't know any of these kids personally and Stephie only knows their faces from going to school with them but it still breaks my heart! My heart aches for the boy that was driving and will have to live with knowing two friends died while he was behind the wheel. My heart aches for the families of these two teens who's lives were cut short so early! My heart aches when I look at my 4 beautiful children and know that one of them will be driving in a month!
Life if so short and no day is guaranteed! Grab the ones you love and give them a big hug!


Suzanne said...

So sad. I hurt for those moms that lost their children and know that their lives will be forever changed. i cannot imagine walking up each day and facing that pain.