Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starbucks employees please pay attention

I would never say that I am OCD but I guess all of us have our little quirks that make us unique or maybe a little OCD at times.
Since traveling this summer, I have been getting a lot of Starbucks coffee on the go. My oldest daughter has observed that I am a little OCD about the way my Starbucks cup is situated before I drink out of it.

Observe below:

This is the RIGHT way to drink my Starbucks coffee. Notice that both the Starbucks symbol and the drink hole face front. Along with the cup sleeve, it is facing front and the seam of the sleeve is at the back of the cup. This was even better when the cup sleeve had the same Starbucks symbol on it, because then I could make them line up and be PERFECT

As opposed to below:

This cup of coffee is all messed up and undrinkable until placed like first picture above. I mean, how can you drink your coffee when it is obviously the back of the cup?! Not to mention the cup seam!! Goodness gracious this cannot be!!

So, Starbucks Employees please be more observant. You may have the best coffee in the world but it needs to be served in a proper face forward, sleeve matching, hole drinking proper fashion....okay, so maybe I am more OCD than I thought! :-)


Melissa Flaming said...

You are so funny! As I read your post I realized that I do the same thing...only when it's ME who is putting my travel mug or something together. One must admit, a good cup of coffee is soooo much better when attractively lined up. God bless us perfectionists!