Monday, December 10, 2007

GREAT weekend!

So Jason was home again this weekend! That for one always makes it a GREAT weekend! He flew in Friday night and left again Monday morning. Only 12 more days and he'll be back again. Thinking about home schooling Stephanie along with the younger three kids after this semester is over so that we can stay in Dallas longer and not have to be apart from Jason as much. So many big decisions, so little time!
Sunday Stephanie and I ran to Walmart for 3 things. I needed Tide, Potatoes, and Construction paper. Simple! I can run in and out of Walmart, get my 3 things and come back home. Left J with the younger three and headed out the door. On the way to Walmart I noticed that our new Lowes looked open. So I swung through there to just to see if it was such luck! Employee appreciation night, opening on Monday morning. :-( Then I thought, lets just walk through our new Walgreens (don't need anything there but then we can say we've been in the new Walgreens. Woohoo!) From Walgreens we went to the Dollar store and spent like $10 and finally got to Walmart. Still needed my 3 things! Went into Walmart, saw a little 20Q game that Ethan wanted and grabbed that as a stocking stuffer. Headed towards the back of the store to get the Tide. Grabbed the Tide and went to get the Construction Paper and Potatoes. Walking down the aisle a little Disney Princess notebook caught my attention and I thought, "that would be a great stocking stuffer for Lexi" and thew it in the cart. Got the last 2 things on my List and headed to the check out aisle. In line there were a whole bunch of those new ToothTunes Toothbrushes that my kids have been wanting ever since they saw the commercial. As corny as this sounds, we buy our kids little electrical toothbrushes every Christmas and when they die, they are done and we go back to normal toothbrushes. Anyway, I was planning on buying these for Christmas anyway but decided to just grab them then, since I only had Stephanie with. Oh yeah, Stephanie had headed off to go look at Nail Polish and get some gift bags to give to 6 of her friends as little Christmas presents this year (we're putting more than just nail polish in them). So all that said....I went into Walmart for 3 items, I came out with 3 bags and was now $70 more poor! Oye! Dang store gets me every time! Oh well. Stephie and I went back home, Jason had the ribs off the grill and ready for dinner. It was FANTASTIC! Nothing better than ribs off the grill! So we had a great dinner, Jason and I made our Russian Teacakes together, the kids decorated the Christmas tree and then headed off to bed it was so perfect! We got everything done this weekend that we wanted too and had a great time doing it!
Oh and Jason and Stephie got the new shoes that they were needing. We actually got 3 pairs of Reeboks for only $91! Gotta love Tanger Oulet and coupons! So Jason is back in TX and I already miss him but I am so glad he got to come home for the weekend and I can't wait to see him again in 12 days! 12 days my friend and yes, this lonely wife is counting! :-)


Trish said...

Hey there! Yes, I'm a lurker... Your blog is on my list to check about every other day. As for Pass Your Plate...perhaps you should open one yourself. I'm so impressed with it! I really think it's got great potential!

Seanna said...

You're too funny Bekah! Wal-Mart and women with a debit card...they just dont go hand in hand. I once went to Wal-Mart three times in one weekend. How do ya like them apples!?