Monday, December 17, 2007

What just happened?

Today has been a pretty normal, boring Monday. Not much out of the ordinary, in fact I am having a very good start to the week. Only six more days until Jason comes home and the kids will be done with school on Wednesday! Yippee! I can't wait for the I know how teachers feel. Not that I am getting away from my kids, I am just glad to get a break from having to do school every day and having to get done everything that needs to get done! Yeah, a break will be nice!
So, there are only 3 days of school this week and so Stephie didn't have much homework tonight. A friend and I take turns driving out to the middle school and brining each others little girl home. Today when my friend stopped to drop off Stephanie, Stephie asked if her friend could stay and play since they didn't have much homework. I told her it was fine and I would take her friend home later. We had tacos for dinner tonight, which was perfect and I thought I would take her home after I got dinner cleaned up. So this is what happened over the next 15 minutes after dinner.
The girls were done with dinner and went to watch some TV. The phone rang and it was the little girls dad saying he had had to work late and would be happy to stop by and pick her up. Ok, that is great, thanks! Told Stephie's friend to make sure and get her stuff together because her dad would be here in like 10 minutes. Just then there was a knock on the door and the neighbor boy came over to play with Ethan. So the boys go running down the hall to play. 2 minutes later the phone rings and another neighbor asks if she can borrow a heating pad and massager for her husbands shoulder. Ok, go get that together to give to them. Another knock on the door. This time it's the neighbors other son asking if his mom can borrow 1 cup of Sugar and 1 cup of Flour. Ok, I've got that too, let me get it together for you. Just then the other neighbors little girl comes and knocks on the door to pick up the back massager and heating pad. I now have 3 Jr. High girls in my house who start talking away. Three boys down the hall playing in the bedroom and 1 boy standing in my kitchen just waiting for a cup of sugar and a cup of flour. I remind the one friend that her dad will be here soon and just make sure all her stuff is ready. Grab two plastic cups out of the cabinet and measure out a cup of sugar and a cup of flour. Neighbor boy goes home and then shortly after neighbor girl goes home with the heating pad and massager. Ok, no big deal, time to clean up dishes. I start to clean up the dinner dishes when there is another knock on the door. Little girls dad is here, and my house looks like a tornado hit it! Taco meat is still on the dining room table, dishes stacked up in the sink, laundry on the couch, blankets on the floor.....thank goodness this man has 4 children too! Agh! Get the little girl out the door, get the dishes all put in the dishwasher, clean off the dining room table, get the laundry put away, pick up the blankets. One last thing to do.....sit down, write about the last 15 minutes in a blog and open that bottle of red wine that is calling my name! Ahhhh! It's been a great Monday!
BTW: I am in NO WAY complaining about the neighbors or the little girl who came to visit. I just thought it would be great to share how hectic my evening was. Honestly, I LOVE my life and am so glad I have friends that love me when my house is a mess and neighbors that borrow things from me and I know I can borrow things from them in return! :-)


AfricaBleu said...

Have a happy, less-hectic Christmas, Bekah!