Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pac-Man Power Balls

Ethan was in his room "working" on school work. I was on the phone with my sister and Nicholas and Alexis were hungry (like 30min before dinner). I gave in and told them they could have some cheese balls and handed them the little bag of cheesy powdered snacks. I was on the phone when Ethan came to ask me a question and all of sudden I turn around and there all over the floor in the living room are a whole bunch of little orange cheese balls. Now these weren't just spilled and in a pile but meticulously placed all over the rug, wood floor and tiled fire place. I looked at the living room, and said, "guys, what are you doing?" Nicholas just looked at me and said, "it's ok mom, we're going to eat them all. These are just our pac-man power balls!" How could I be mad about that? Pac-man power that is just cute! After they ate the cheese balls, minus the few that got crushed, I told them they had to vacuum. Lexi pulled out the big rainbow vacuum cleaner and her and Nicholas fought over who would get to vacuum. They were having so much fun and laughing that my sister asked if they would want to come vacuum her house next. Haha! So after the living room got vacuumed I realized the rest of the house needs a good cleaning too! So time to go clean and get things picked up before daddy gets home tomorrow. Yay! :-)


Rick said...

Funny - clever and funny. The moral of the story - buy cheese balls - get the rug cleaned.

peach said...

lol what fantastic imaginations and cute kids too. I had to come read your blog since you live in my favorite town in all of Georgia.
hugs Peach