Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

Does anyone remember that song from like the 80's....90's? Back to life, back to reality, back to the hear and now, oh yeah! Oh yeah, that is so how I am feeling today! Jason came home before Christmas, spent the holidays with us and then whisked us off to Dallas. In Dallas he spoiled us by putting us in a hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub, taking us out to the movies, and out to eat more than we should have. On top of that, we were in the town of Grapevine. True to it's namesake Grapevine is home to about 7 different local wineries. Since I really love wine tours and sampling new wines we decided to try 4 while we were there. They were all GREAT and my wine cabinet is now full! The kids HATED it but for one hour out of their lives for a couple nights in a row...they survived. :-)
We left Dallas on the 4th of January intending to drive part way to Greenville, SC and then the rest of the way on the 5th. Instead of stopping, Jason decided to just drive us all the way through the night and straight on till morning (Movie quote from????). We decided to stay the night in Greenville and head back to Savannah on Sunday. We didn't get back into Savannah until around 6:30 last night and now it is back to life! So to ease back into life, this is what has been done in the past 12 hours:
Come home unload truck
Clean out truck from garbage, happy meal toys and other "goodies" left behind by kids
Do 2 quick loads of laundry and help Jason pack back up
Run a load of dishes
Make sure Stephie is all set for school and has lunch money
Give Jason a much needed hair cut
Go to bed
Get up at 6:30 in the morning
Take Jason to Airport
Come home, get 3 kids ready by 9:30am
Go back over to Pooler for Nicholas's speech therapy
While Nicholas is in therapy, figure out a grocery list
Go out for lunch
Go grocery shopping
Stop at Kroger to pick up more milk (we don't like Wal-Mart milk...yes, it tastes different)
Come home, unload groceries
Do more laundry
Get ready for dinner
Open a new bottle of wine.....ahhhhh! :-)
Feed kiddos dinner
Put kiddos to bed
Try to relax and go to bed myself!
Phew, I'm tired already and I still have to do all this stuff!
Have a GREAT day!