Thursday, January 10, 2008

I can't believe tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I can't believe that it is Friday tomorrow and the end of the week! Yay! How did the week go by so fast?! Not complaining though because it means one week down and only 8 more days until Jason comes back home! I know I sound like a hopeless pathetic record repeating the same thing over and over again but what can I say....I love and miss my hubby SO much!
On Monday when I took the kids over for Nicholas's speech therapy, I drove the Mercedes. The Mercedes is not always the most reliable but very fuel efficient. Anyway, came out of the therapist office and guess what....the car would not start at all! I tried not to panic but knew my husband was in a plane somewhere between Atlanta and Dallas and I had 3 kids and a car that wouldn't start! I called a friend to see if she would be able to come help me out and in the process lost all sense of pride and broke down in tears! Pulled myself together and walked the kids to a nearby restaurant for lunch hoping that when we came back the car would start then. Thank you God for warm 77 degree days in January in Savannah (and people wonder why I love it here). So we went and had lunch, walked back to the car, still a no go! Was about to sit and cry some more when a sweet lady asked me if I needed help. I figured a battery jump was worth a try but I had no jumper cables. She had cables and claimed she knew how to use them. We got everything hooked up and guess what, my little Mercedes started right up! THANK YOU GOD!! We took the little Mercedes right back home and traded it off the gas hogging but reliable Suburban!
Jason called while I was in Wal-Mart and asked if we were ok. I told him that we were fine but had he talked to me 2 hours ago I was not fine and had been stressed and crying. You know what his response was? Why were you crying? I was just like, WHAT? Why was I crying? I just dropped you off at the airport, I have 3 kids with me and a car that won't start. Why do you think I was crying?! Now it was his turn to say, WHAT? Ahhhhh! Gotta love the husband/wife dynamic! :-) 13 years on the 13th of this month and guess what I LOVE that man more today than I did the day I married him!
Tuesday was a long let's get school done sort of day
Wednesday was beautiful outside and we did little school but lots of outdoor PE time! :-)
Today I had a Dr appointment in the morning and then went out to lunch with a friend. We still managed to get some school work done and once again the weather was just beautiful!
I think all of these things have helped make the week go by super fast. Tomorrow is Friday, have school to finish up for the week and then the annual pizza and a movie night (I wonder which new wine will go best with pizza?) :-) Saturday is grocery shopping day, Sunday is church and then it's back to school again. I know that next Saturday just can't come fast enough and then once Jason is home....the time flies by! :-( So here's to the past week and getting back into routine! It's been a good week and I hope everyone has an even better weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bekah!! I am so sorry about the car. I am been there and done that. My husband would have the same reaction and want to know what the big deal was, the car was running again and I got help. Gotta love them. I envy you the 77 degree weather. I hope next goes better and goes by quickly.

Rhonda Rush

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