Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lexi loves Nicholas, but she is sad...

The story behind the pictures:
Lexi is having a birthday party on Saturday. I figured she just wanted to invite her friends and so the plan was for the boys to go to friends house and then the girls and I go to Build a Bear and do her birthday party. This morning Lexi said, “Mama, can Nicholas please come to my party because I want him there.” I told her he was going to his friend Matthew’s house but that if he wanted to come that was fine. Lexi went skipping down the hallway to tell Nicholas the good news except Nicholas said, “No Lexi, I get to spend 4 hours at Matthews house and I want to go there.” Lexi then came and drew this picture to show Nicholas how sad he was making her! Poor baby!


AECC said...

Got the link to your blog from "Because I Told You So." It just intrigued me to see that you were from Rincon, GA. We used to live in Garden City GA (from 1985 through 1993). We have a number of good friends up in Effingham County! (Beechers, Cavanahs, Freemans,Zieglers, Morgans, etc.) Knew a girl there that we really loved, Charlote Jenny McClendon........lost contact with her after we moved to Alabama nearly 15 years ago.... Anyway, it's nice to hear about folks from a place we used to call "home". In a huge way, a big part of our heart will always be there in GA!